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Friday, July 14, 2006

Honey and Clover II 2

Hagu started to have the hiccups which Shuuji suggested to drink some water on the other side of the cup to stop them. Hagu tries to do the technique which she fails as she spills the water on herself. Shuuji mentions that Rika did the same thing and went to get another cup. Morita appears and scares Hagu by saying that she will die if she hiccups 100 more times. Shuuji comes back with the water and sees that Hagu has disappeared. She disappeared because Morita was chasing her. Takemoto was at the water trough when he sees Hagu being chased which he clothlines Morita for chasing her. Takemoto got some water for her and place two chopsticks in a X formation. He tells her to drink from each side to stop the hiccups which she does and works. He tells her that he learned it from his dad and she thanks him before running off. This was the first time that he spoke to Hagu since that moment in the fireworks. He hasn't regretted what he said to her even though he thought otherwise before he said those words. Hagu returns to Shuuji who just stood there and cried. Meanwhile, a client praises Yamada's artwork which Rika buys Yamada a huge ice cream dessert as she managed to praise a difficult client's demands. Yamada wonders how Mayama looks at Rika and what he thinks about her. They come back home which Mayama greets them like children as he wants them not to drag any water into the place. Then he tells Rika to get some sleep after drinking her tea since it will be a while before Mori will contact them about the check. He tends to listen to Rika's room from above his room. Rika decides to listen to Mayama's advice and tells Yamada that their next appointment is Wednesday but need to have some things to take care of before then. Mayama interrupts her and says that he and Yamada will make the file and not to worry about it. After Rika leaves, Mayama asks Yamada what she wants for dinner which she said pizza. Yamada asks him what he talks about with Rika which he says they talk about the weather or computer stuff and nothing else. It's odd because they have been working together for four years now.

Morita gives some money to his brother who mentions that there are a lot of people here and says that artists aren't in high demand. He says that people like their father are rare which he had talent and says they are close to their goal in terms of money while Morita thinks about Hagu and Takemoto being together. Yamada asks Shuuji what he talked about to Rika which he talks about the books he read. She rarely talk about anything but he didn't mind since he like to talk about books. He even was mistaken as being studious since he tried to have something to talk about to Rika which the professor chased him for being a model student. He asks her why she's asking this question which she wonders why Rika gets quiet when she is alone. He tells her that Rika gets quiet when she's more used to the person which he remembered that she did that with Hanada. Yamada decides that she's not going to tell Mayama about what she discovered. Rika tells Yamada and Mayama that the store wants a couple of Yamada's pieces. Mayama congraduates Yamada for the success and mentions that she can quit her school job and make a living doing this. She says she can't since she uses the school's kiln to do the pieces. Riku mentions that they need a file along with a mold when she began to have hiccups. She uses the techinque that Shuuji taught her but doesn't work. Yamada asks Mayama about what they should have for dinner but he was concerned about Rika. He notices that she spilled some water on her shirt and gives her some sugar water to deal with the hiccups which it works. Yamada watches them and remembers Morita telling her that she will cry when going over to Rika's place. She starts to cry when combining Morita and Shuuji's words and calls Tairikuken for some food. Yamada eats the huge portions of the food to deal with her feelings. Yamada begins to cry on her way back home as she promises not to help Mayama with his relationship with Rika.

This episode truly begins the second season of Honey and Clover as most of the episode was about the triangle between Mayama, Yamada, and Rika. There was some parts with Hagu and Takemoto as they spoke to each other for the first time after the festival but nothing more. Morita was involved with Hagu for a little bit and then had a talk with his brother as he's planning for a big job that would get enough money for their goal. Yamada finds out Rika likes Mayama by her habit of talking less to people she's comfortable with and decides to withhold that information from him as she doesn't want to help him to move forward with Rika. She still loves Mayama with all of her heart and probably torn when she sees them together. It's rather hard to watch the person you love with someone else. The next episode looks like it will continue Yamada's story as she sees Nomiya on a beach.


  • At 6:49 PM, Anonymous Sieryisia said…

    She used the technique that Hanada taught her......

  • At 2:27 PM, Blogger El Hazard said…

    Honey & Clover was amazing and H&C II promises to be as good as its predecessor =)


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