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Friday, July 21, 2006

Honey and Clover II 3

Yamada shows off her snow globe collection to Hagu while Nomiya shows a snow globe to Yamazaki. They are currently designing a German restaurant along with Tottori Souvenir Center overlooking some sand dunes. Yamazaki imagines having Miwako with him at these dunes in the snow confessing his love while Nomiya has a different scene in mind that involves crabs and sake. Yamazaki asks Nomiya if he wanted to show Yamada the snow dunes which he doesn't know as he hasn't called her in a while because he doesn't know how to contact her. Also since she lives at home, he's afraid of her dad. He says that he won't hurt a child which Yamada has a mindset of one even though she's an adult. Nomiya talks Miwako which she says that Yamada has been going to Rika's office. He doesn't understand why she would do this which she says that she needs to see it for herself regardless of the pain. She tells him to call to Harada Designs on the weekend. Yamada sees Mayama at Rika's computer which she accuses him of browsing her internet history when a fax comes in. He confronts Rika about the fax which is an interview request as she won the building expansion competition for the Valencia Museum of Art which requires her to be in Spain until it's finished. He was worried about the place if she goes to Spain but she tells him that he will go to Spain as well. She will turn down the request for now since it's too sudden. Mayama shows Yamada a live feed of Otaru in Hokkaido which is Rika's hometown. He notices that she looks at this page for long periods of time and thinks she misses it. Rika remembers talking to Harada about building a house that contains art and statues like the one in Valencia. Yamada picks up the phone which it was Nomiya. She says that she's doing fine while Nomiya has to deal with Yamazaki coming to his room every night. He mentions that it's weird to him for her to help out with Rika which she was invited by her and allows her to make large pots. She's been planning her portfolio along with making some sake sets for home as gifts along with going to Miwako's place for their boss's birthday party. After they're done talking on the phone, Yamada cries while Nomiya decides to go back to Tokyo to cheer her up.

When Nomiya arrives back at the office, he finds out that Yamada went to Tottori to deliver something that Miwako should have done. Nomiya decides to go back to Tottori while Yamada is on a bullet train heading towards Tottori while thinking about Mayama's words. Yamazaki meets Yamada at the station which she gives the item to him and tries to leave since Nomiya wasn't around. He forces her to take a tour of Tottori with him which doesn't break her depression. Nomiya shows up which Yamada said that she was glad to see him and tries to leave again. He grabs her hand and falls asleep on the couch while Yamazaki gives her a bed to sleep. The next day, Nomiya wakes up to see Yamada covering up her head and not her legs along with some perverted-looking unicorns protecting her chastity. He gives Yamada some breakfast and suggests that they go to the sand dunes. She asks him where he was yesterday which he said that he went to Tokyo to see her. Yamada doesn't believe that reason which he mentions that she was crying on the phone even though she did it after the call was over. Nomiya has been always watching Yamada which she doesn't notice as she watches Mayama and will be always there. He realizes that she needs to cry a bit more before she can move on to him. Yamada is glad for the souvenirs and the dunes before going on the train. Nomiya tells her to call her anytime when she has problems since he loves her. Yamada eats a lot to try to process what Nomiya said to her while Nomiya is forced to drink with Yamazaki who saw the whole thing. The unicorn force is following Yamada back to Tokyo.

This episode has Yamada dealing with Mayama going to Spain with Rika for work while Nomiya confesses his feelings to her. It's the first time that Yamada has noticed Nomiya's feelings towards her since she has been looking at Mayama all this time. I really think Yamada show move on to Nomiya since he loves her so much but she needs to get over the fact that Mayama is too much interested in Rika to see her feelings towards him. It looks like the next episode is going to focus on Hagu along with Mayama and Rika. I would like to see an episode that doesn't focus on Mayama, Rika, and Yamada.


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