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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Honey and Clover II 4

Shuuji is watching the students preparing for the Hamabi Festival as he remembers a discussion with another staff member about Hagu going with Professor Belshire to study abroad and worries if she's planning to go back to Nagano after graduation. She's wondering if Hagu is worried about being a burden to Shuuji after graduation. He says to himself that it will be the last festival together for everyone and tells them to do their best. Hagu was searching through his drawers when she finds an old postcard of a painting done by Munch. She notices that it has moonlight reflected off the ocean which he couldn't figure out at first until going to a Munch exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art. He remembers being with Rika and Harada at a river with the moonlight reflecting in a similar way. Harada decides to go into the river as Shuuji stops him which Rika wanted to go into the river as well. Harada goes into the river which Shuuji holds her back which he wants her to go into the river as well. Shuuji wakes up from the memory which made him remember the accident that took Harada away from everyone along with Rika's pain. She decided to stop eating to escape the pain which Shuuji made her eat again if she wants to see Harada in the truest sense. She decided to bury herself in Harada's work which he realize that he was the third wheel to Harada and Rika and only could watch over their happiness. He was about to throw Rika off the roof when Rika notice him and tells him that they should seperate. As he watches the sleeping Hagu, he hopes that Mayama can be able to carry you to your future. Rika and Mayama sends off a client at the train station. They were about to leave when a train heading to Sapporo just arrived which Rika looked at. Mayama decides to force Rika into the train. She wanted to get off at the next stop but he wants to go to Sapporo. A train attendant asks them for their tickets which Mayama was about to apologize but Rika asks him if they still have a room as she wants to go to Sapporo. They have about 17 hours until they arrive at Sapporo and decided to relax as they don't have anything to do their work with.

Mayama tries to isolate himself from Rika but he couldn't sleep in the room because of his build. They slept in seperate beds as he wore his clothes instead of the robe provided by the train. The next day, they arrived at Sapporo which they head for Rika's home which is outside of the city. They arrived at the ruins of her home which was destroyed shortly after her father's death as Harada helped her to oversee the destruction of the house. She opens a bag of biscuits and puts some of them in the ground and buried them for her dog, Shiro. She tells about her dog who has been with her until high-school and thanks Mayama for bringing her here as she couldn't do this alone. Mayama and Rika slept together for the night which the next day, Rika tried to sneak off but an alarm sounded off. Mayama knew that she would try to sneak off and confronts her about the single plane ticket and apartment. He thinks that Rika is going to end her life once she finished with all of Harada's jobs and says that involving him is a big mistake as he's going to follow her. He begins to cry and asks her to live. Then Mayama asks her to go outside and get some tea as he needs to collect himself but takes Rika's purse. He checkouts the hotel and book a flight which he has tea with her. Then two days later, he sees her off and then realizes that she changed the apartment into a two-bedroom apartment.

It seems that Mayama has managed to begin to open Rika's eyes as she doesn't just see Harada anymore but Mayama as well. Shuuji's love for Rika was so great that he was willing to help to end her life by pushing her off the roof so she can meet Harada properly. He knew that Mayama will be the one who'll be able to move Rika away from the past and into the future and so far, he's right about that. It looks like that Yamada will be sad that she will never be able to have Mayama. The next episode continues the Yamada arc with Nomiya returning back to Tokyo which brings me to this question. When are we going to have an episode with just Hagu, Takemoto, or Moriya? This is just getting ridulcous now.


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