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Monday, July 03, 2006

Jigoku Shoujo 20

A guy named Watanabe lifts up a heavy train car with his esper powers which another psychic named Gil de Ronfer says that he's a fake. He confronts Watanabe which he's forced into challenging Gil by the TV crew. Gil shows Watanabe images of Hell into his mind. Meanwhile the Helpers are investigating Hajime who was watching the psychic match between Watanabe and Gil with Tsugumi. Hajime doesn't believe in it even though he believes in Jigoku Shoujo as he thinks that sending people to Hell is the best way to solve a problem. Watanabe confesses that he doesn't have psychic powers while Hajime asks Tsugumi if she could feel Emma now which she says no. He thought that if Tsugumi could see what Emma says then it should work the other way. The Helpers were about to leave when Gil said that he showed him a glimspe of Hell which caught their attention. Gil talks to the TV producer named Abe and mentions Jigoku Shoujo to her. He proposes a battle between Emma and him which Watanabe acts as bait for her to appear. Emma was trying to play a flute while the Helpers were discussing about the connection between her and Tsugumi which they had to stop because of the spider. Watanabe was about to commit suicide when his phone rings which Abe calls him. His attitude quickly changes as he gets a chance to get revenge on Gil. Abe and Gil were watching the crew building a set as they talked their plan for Jigoku Shoujo when Hajime shows up. He asks Gil if he came back from Hell which happened when he was a child. Then he asks him to send a message to Jigoku Shoujo which was "Stop it. No one can be happy. Revenge is futile." Gil says that people could understand the message with their heads but in their hearts, they can't be themselves without completely destroying the other party. Gil shows an image of Hajime's wife grave attacking him before leaving the room and says he will pass on the message.

Watanabe demands where's Gil which it's already midnight. The TV guy tells him that Watanabe was the only one thinking of revenge and Gil won't come since he's weak. Then the guy forces a hot piece of food down his mouth and finally uses the computer to access Hell Correspondance. The Helpers tried to figure who was respondible for the connection which Wanyuudou suggests that they might have a matching point somewhere when Emma tells them that they have a request. Emma appears in front of Watanabe and explains the conditions of the revenge along with the doll. Gil makes his appearance which he explains that they are going to fight in a deathmatch. Hono and Moku appeared after Emma dropped a couple of dolls as Abe couldn't see Emma or the Helpers at all. Hono manages to get rid of the TV crew which a moment later, Gil imprisions her and Moku on a cross. He tells Emma Hajime's message which he should have written an article about it but he says it's impossible. Gil mentions that he was gifted from birth which his parents tried to kill him and managed to escape from Hell and killed his parents as they were trying to stop him from hurting people. An image of a sakura tree and Emma falling down flashed in her memory as he suffered throughout his life. He sends people to Hell since he can't control his feelings of hate for them. He uses his powers on Emma and throwing her around the room before putting her on a cross. He changes her clothes to a doll outfit before burning her. Gil releases the Helpers as Emma appeared to them just fine as she was thinking. Emma refuses to do anything against Gil until Watanabe pulls the string which he does after some doubt. Gil was trapped in a painting as the people he killed were pulling him into the painting. Gil claims that he will escape from Hell and return to duel Emma again. She remembers the sakura tree and was about to leave for a request when she sees a boy but he disappears a moment later.

I think that Gil didn't really go to Hell but experience something like it as his parents were trying to kill him when he was a child. His powers are real for sure as he could see Emma and the Helpers but I can't believe he died and came back from Hell to the living world. I think that Tsugumi has psychic powers as well but they aren't as developed compared to Gil's. The spider has been shown many times in the series which it's the first time that it's been noticed on screen. It might be the all-watching eye of Emma's grandmother or the true ruler of Hell as the Helpers were afraid of it. Hajime's involvement in this episode was different this time compared to other episodes. He didn't tried to stop a revenge and let Gil to send a message to Emma. My guess he didn't tried to stop it was that he couldn't have time to stop it since Watanabe received the doll and pull the string within moments. The next episode has Murai Yuuko taking revenge on a guy who betrayed her father.


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