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Monday, July 10, 2006

Jigoku Shoujo 21

Hajime was looking through the newspapers to find anything involving Jigoku Shoujo since he thinks that Tsugumi won't necessary know when Emma contacts someone for revenge. Tsugumi thinks that Jigoku Shoujo is a good thing as bad people get sent to Hell. She drops her plates as she sees Emma giving a doll to one of her friends named Yuuko whose father is a senpai of Hajime's named Murai. Tsugumi mentions that Murai and Yuuko didn't visit them this year as they promised they would in a postcard. Hajime remembers a time when Murai was drinking heavily as Yuuko had to escort him back to the house. They arrived at the cabin and find Yuuko sitting on the stairs with no sight of Murai. Yuuko tells them a story from two years ago which she was working on the field when a man named Sekine Ryousuke helped her not to tip the wheelbarrow over. He lives on the other side of the field which Murai used to be a publisher and was suspicious of people along with the fact that the townspeople don't trust them. Murai got the cabin from his dead uncle and wanted to spend time with Yuuko after her mother passed away. They're trying to grow vegetables as a way to bond together which Sekine decided to help them. At first, he was a good influence on them but one night he made Murai cultivate his field. Murai's field had abnormal soiling which a bunch of pests destroy his crops. Sekine suggested that he should use pesticide on it but didn't have the money for it which he suggested that he can borrow some from him. Murai trusted Sekine and sprayed the field with pesicides but the vegetables were always dried up. He took up drinking which Yuuko suggested to get another opinion but he trusted Sekine's advice. One day, Yuuko noticed a dog licking a bucket that contain pesticide but it didn't kill him as it was a mixture of juice and water. It was too late for Murai though as his drinking problem killed him. Sekine used to argue a lot with Yuuko's uncle and decided to take revenge on him through Murai and Yuuko. Hajime asked Yuuko about Hell Correspondace as the Helpers were watching.

Hajime tries to convince Yuuko not to take revenge on Sekine as taking someone to hell is very bad. He mentions that Murai always talked about Yuuko and only care about her happiness. He wouldn't want Yuuko to take revenge. Yuuko showed them the doll which Hajime took the doll as the Helpers had to think of a way to get the doll back. Yuuko was thinking about her father while looking at his picture. Hajime threw the doll into a bucket before going back into the cabin. Tsugumi tells Hajime that taking the doll was unfair which he says that he doesn't want Yuuko to take revenge. She doesn't understand Hajime's stance on this as she believes that Sekine should die. Hajime slaps her which she says that she would take revenge on the person who killed him before running off. Emma sees a boy looking at a grave who fades away as Wanyuudou and the others returned. Hajime couldn't believe that Tsugumi would say something like that which he blames himself for. He begins to search for her as it begins to rain while Emma returns to Yuuko who tells her that she needs to decide what to do. Then she sees Sekine in the rain but loses sight of him and sees the doll instead. She decides to pull the string but Hajime shows up and asks her if she has seen Tsugumi. They both look for Tsugumi in the forest which they find one of her shoes which lead to a small building that contain her. He yells at her for worrying him too much and hugs her. Yuuko decides not to take revenge after all because it would be the thing that her father wanted. She wants to stay here for a while while Sekine showed up with some receipts that Murai borrowed money from him. Hajime says that Sekine is dirty and was about to fight him when Yuuko tells him to stop it. In the end, Yuuko was forced to sell the cabin in order to pay off the debts and was forced into a relative's home. Tsugumi thinks that Yuuko should have pull the string while Yuuko lives a lonely life.

This episode was the first time that Hajime managed to stop a revenge but the cost was very high to Yuuko who lost everything to Sekine as he took his own personal revenge on her uncle by attacking her and Murai. Also, the disagreement between Tsugumi and Hajime about the matter of revenge increased as Tsugumi really believes that Yuuko should have taken revenge and doesn't understand why Hajime would want people to have such a powerless feeling towards the people who have wronged them and do nothing about it. The next episode is probably to explain the reason why Hajime doesn't like the idea of revenge so much which I'm guessing it has something to do with his wife.


  • At 9:01 PM, Blogger J.Valdez said…

    It really is sad that this series really just starts to get good around episode 20-21.

    Is is me or does Tsugumi have some major blood-lust here?

    She deserved that smack from Hajime.


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