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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Kasimasi ~Girl Meets Girl~ 11

Hazumu notices Yasuna watching them nearby which she asks Tomari why she betrayed her. Yasuna was about to run off when Tomari says that she was betrayed her as well. That made Yasuna crossed the tracks and slapped Tomari. She mentions that Tomari is the first person that said she was friends with her and thought she could be trusted. Tomari slaps Yasuna as well which breaks the keychain and asks her why she was embracing Hazumu yesterday. Yasuna suddenly notices that she can't see Tomari along with Hazumu and collaspes a few moments later. Tomari tells Hazumu that the doctor says that Yasuna suffered from a slight shock which she will be ok along with that her mom will pick her up. She tries to get Hazumu to get some rest but he wants to stay by her. The next day, they see Yasuna off along with her mom which Tomari mentions that Yasuna didn't see them in their eyes. As Tomari was waiting for the train, she notices the broken part of Yasuna's keychain. A nurse tells Yasuna's mother that her condition has gotten worse as she can't tell between women now including her own mother. Hazumu was waiting at Yasuna's home when she and her mother returned from the hositpal. He asks her if she can see him and Tomari which she says that she can't see anyone now and mentions that his kindness wasn't enough to save her. After Hazumu left the house, Yasuna tries to see Hazumu which every picture of him is all blurry and couldn't even draw him now like she did before in the past. She cries in her room that she can't see the person that she loves so dear. Hazumu sees Tomari waiting for him at his house which she says that she loves him. She doesn't want anyone taking him away which he didn't want to hear this since Yasuna is so much pain. She asks him to say to her that he likes Yasuna over her but he refused to answer the question and enters his house. Tomari was sitting near the riverbank when Ayuki was walking back. Tomari tells her why she appears during these times and cries on her shoulder.

Yasuna listens to the CD that Hazumu likes. Hazumu has Asuta help him out in the garden and asks him if he wants to do something later which Asuta asks if something happen. Ayuki sees them on the roof and realizes that she has to step onto the stage which she didn't want to. Asuta notices a pot that had two stems which Hazumu explains that the weaker one needs to be pull out or both of them won't grow well. Suddenly, Ayuki pulls one of them out and throws it aside and tells Asuta to leave them alone for a moment. She mentions to Hazumu that you can't have two flowers grow at the same place or they will wither. She goes on saying that he wasn't unable to make a choice which he blames himself for not choosing but he cries for himself not for the flowers. She tells him that Yasuna and Tomari were prepared for sadness but he was afraid of hurting them and himself. Ayuki says that she was mistaken about him and leaves him. Asuta shows up a moment later and asks him if he wanted to play with him which he decides to go home instead. Tomari passes out while running which she hasn't been able to fall asleep. Jan hugs Hazumu who cries on him since she has to leave because she and Sora couldn't get any data on curing Yasuna's condition. Yasuna and Tomari meet on the mountain while Sora explains that Yasuna has the same condition that Sora's planet has. The citizens on his planet lost interest in communicating with people which over time causes people being unable to disguish other people. He thinks that love would be able to cure Yasuna but since her condition gotten worse, he has to leave. Yasuna tells Tomari that she's unable to see guys which her condition has gotten worse. She realizes that Hazumu won't leave her due to her condition which she doesn't want that at all since it causes pain for him and Tomari. Tomari realizes that Yasuna wants Hazumu to be at her side regardless and they both need each other. She's happy that Yasuna is her love rival and thanks her for it as Yasuna says Tomari's name casually.

Yasuna's condition has gotten worse as she has been betrayed by both men and women. She can't tell any human apart now as she has no love for anyone. It makes sense that she was able to see Hazumu because she fell in love for him but now, she has no more love for anyone. Ayuki was even forced onto the stage to give Hazumu some harsh truth about his inability to decide on a girl. He has decided to be with Yasuna because he felt pity for her which it's not a good thing to do. You shouldn't be with someone because you felt pity for them. It's not right to feel that way. Tomari and Yasuna had a chat which Tomari drops out of the race for Hazumu as she realizes that they both need each other and their feelings for each other are very strong. The final episode will bring everything into the light and see how Hazumu, Tomari, and Yasuna will deal with this conflict.


  • At 8:24 PM, Anonymous Maiku said…

    Actually, from what i read on the Random Curiosity blog, there's a 13th episode on the DVDs

  • At 12:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    13th episode is actually an OVA. Doesn't necessarily take place on the main timeline.

  • At 6:46 PM, Anonymous said…

    i do not remember that first pitchure
    and i haft to say that this was an awsome anime


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