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Thursday, July 20, 2006

xxxHolic 3

Manga Chapters 20-21

Watankui and Yuuko were playing a game of baseball which Yuuko hits a ball into a window and makes Watankui apologized for it along with cleaning up the mess. Himawari shows up as she invited them here as she asks for their help. She tells them about her friend's school which they have been playing Angel-san and weird things have been occurring because of it. Yuuko tells Watankui that Angel-san is an Ouija board and which it was dangerous regardless how many times it's written. Yuuko accepts her request and has Watankui to do it along with one other person which he gets angry at her. Back at the shop, he asks her why he was forced to do the request which she says that she would have require compensation from her which she didn't want to do. He doesn't want to go since it would require for him to be with Doumeki but in the end, he goes since Hinawari thanked him for it. Yuuko requires that Watankui to work overtime for her advice along with the Chii headphones. He meets with Doumeki at the school gate which he recounts the story of the ears which Yuuko can hear and communicate with him. Yuuko has Watankui to relay her words to Doumeki which she greets him and says that Watankui would cry without Doumeki by his side. They entered the school which Watankui sees a black smoke surrounding the building which it goes into the school through a window. They entered the school through the same window which Watankui notices a terrible smell while Doumeki can't smell anything.

The smell is at its worst as they go up the floors as Watankui wonders why the spirits aren't attacking him. Yuuko says that Doukemi is holding the spirits at bay and tells Watankui to thank him for it but refuses to do so. They entered the roof which the smoke pours the rooftop and Watankui got attacked by some spirits before Doumeki drove them away by being near him. Watankui hears some girls crying and finds three girls crying which two of them are grabbing to a pen which they wrote Die many times. They can't let go of the pen or they receive a curse. Then the pen moves around the board saying that they can't leave until they're dead. One of the girls try to grab Watankui's ears as the two girls were moving the pen forcibly. He tries to remove their grip on the pen as the other girl tries to stop him while Yuuko tries to tell him to stop. He manages to remove the grip on the pen which the fog was removed and the girls running towards the edge of the roof. Watankui goes in between them which he asks Doumeki to help but he says that there's no one here. The girls pushed Watankui off the roof as Doumeki grab his arm. The girls become some nasty spirit and attacks Doumeki who couldn't move as he was holding Watankui. Yuuko tells Watankui about the girls not being human as they are the remnants left by those who summoned Angel-san. Usually, Angel-san doesn't usually appeared but those students thought that would be boring and wanted something scary or strange to appear. The big black smoke that surrounded appeared around the school formed into a snake and ate the bad spirits. Doumeki managed to pull Watankui back up which he lost the headphones and tried to get them back but couldn't. They were trapped on the roof until Yuuko spoke to the snake and got it to eat the headphones instead. Doumeki believes Watankui about the spirits as he can feel them but not see them. The next day, Yuuko, Watankui, Doumeki, and Himawari are having a picnic for their success. Watankui asks Yuuko if the snake was protecting the area and wasn't bad which she says that good and bad things are something only humans decide as other beings don't care about the concept. The snake was there to remove the trash left by them but it needed Watankui's help to come out since he's a delicacy to spirits. She knew that he needed Doumeki's help to get to the roof since he would by overrun by spirits. Watankui was about to thank Doumeki but he asked if he wanted some food which made Watankui annoyed at him. Himawari says that they are close but Watankui denies it as he has to make more food for Doumeki.

This episode is the first teamup between Watankui and Doumeki as they managed to remove the spirits of Angel-san from the school. It brings up an interesting concept of good and bad that only exists between humans and not with other worldly beings. It's going to be a main theme throughtout the series. The manga had a Tsubasa crossover along with Doumeki being around when Himawari invited them. Also, the final scene wasn't a picnic but at the shop with just Watankui and Yuuko along with a Clow reference. The next episode is going to involve fortune-telling.


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