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Monday, July 24, 2006

xxxHolic 4

Manga Chapters 14-16

Watankui and Himawari are having lunch together along with Doumeki who's eating Watankui's food as he already ate his share. Himawari mentions that Doumeki and Watankui are very close which Watankui denies as usual but had to cover up the fact that he made Doumeki's lunch. He had to do this as a thank you for saving him during the Angel-san incident. Himawari asks Watankui when his birthday is which is April 1st along with Doumeki's which is March 3rd. She asks this question as she looks an Astrology book. Her birthday is November 27th which makes her a Sagittarius and has good comparability with Aries which April 1st is one of the days as lovers. Yuuko and Monaka are drinking as usual when Watankui shows up all happy for once. He explains to Yuuko that he's happy because of the reading which she explains that he needs to make a proper horoscope. He doesn't know much about fortune-telling which she's going to take him to a fortune-teller to show how it really works. He wasn't interested about it until she pointed out that it can help him to have something to talk about to Himawari. So Yuuko is taking him to someone that she trusts as telling your own fortune is taboo. They arrived at the place which Yuuko senses something wrong as she curious to what kind of person has replaced her. Watankui fills out a form with his info as the fortune teller came in and called Mokana just a stuffed animal. The teller says that Watankui's father has passed away which he confirmed along with his mother's death. He says that he has no sibilings as well. She says that he had many troubles since he was young. He says that he lives alone in an apartment which she then says that he takes care of himself, independent, and very positive. He says that he doesn't hate housework which she says that he isn't shy. He says that he likes sports which she says that he's active and smart and is concerned about personal relationships which he confirmed. She suggests that being honest is the best way to deal with them along with confirming that he has another trouble. She suggests that willing his other trouble away it will disappear completely. Yuuko asks the fortune teller about the weather which she said that the weather report says it will be sunny. At that point, Yuuko decides that they should leave when she requested for more time.

Yuuko asks Watankui what part of fortune telling was amazing which he said that she knew about his father's death without even meeting him. Yuuko says that statement can be taken either that he's really dead physically or dead spiritally. The troubles part is just simple logic as anyone who lost their parents early in life would have some kind of troubles. The independent part is just one of the qualities of an Aries. The statement about housework is just a good observation on her part as Watankui lives alone and has a neat appearance. The personal relationships part is just common sense as anyone worries about personal relationship nowadays. Her solution about the relationships is just a basic thing to do. Her solution about willing the spirits away is wrong as he would have done that long ago. It would have work for things about school or love but not for Watankui's problem. Watankui notice that she called Mokana a stuffed animal as Yuuko suggests that they find the real fortune teller. She has Watankui to fold a handkerchief which becomes a butterfly meaning that the place is close. They find the place as a run-down house which an old woman comes out and greets Yuuko. Then she asks Mokana his name which she shake hands with. She tells Watankui that living by himself so early is impressive even though she just met him for the first time. He thought that Yuuko told her about him which she didn't. She asks for his name as he thought she need it for data but that wasn't the case. She mentions that his mother made the name and gave it to him which she was right. Then she has him place his hand on a device that makes images in the sand. Yuuko mentions that she already knows that he has something that he needs to be answered which she will tell you the right amount of info. She tells him that his parents are resting in peace and that they died while protecting Watankui. They are both at peace and happy that he turned out to be such a fine person. They are worried that he sees the spirits and interacting with them. The image in the sand is of a butterfly which means that a journey is about to begin and an omen of change. He has already met the person who inspires the change (Yuuko) along with a girl that he likes (Himawari). She mentions about a boy who he just fights with (Doumeki) and will have a stronger bond with. She stops there as he couldn't pay the price and asks him to cook something for her as payment. She says that the food that he makes with heart into it isn't just anything which was something that his father said to him who was good at cooking. She tells Yuuko that the butterfly is Yuuko's symbol along with being the one who inspired the change in Watankui. Yuuko asks her about the weather which she says that the rain will stop by the time they leave. Watankui wishes that she would have told him a bit more about Himawari but she couldn't. Yuuko explains that fortune-telling is an exchange between the fortune-teller and the customer. The fortune-teller has to answer what the customer wants to know and can't be reckless about it. The person they saw earlier can't really see and has to lie to him which makes her rude to the serious customer. Fortune-telling is the direction which people live their lives which the real fortune-tellers sacrifice their lives for it. After that serious speech, she wants to drink some more back at home.

This episode didn't have much supernatural involvement as Yuuko showed Watankui the true power of fortune-telling. The real fortune teller reveal some things about Watankui's dead parents who protected him from something terrible that cost them their lives. The manga differences are the following: Doumeki wasn't there for lunch with Himawari and Watankui because he wasn't introduced yet, there was a Tsubasa crossover, the old woman mentioning Doumeki in the fortune would have more impact if he wasn't introduced so early, and the speech about true fortune-telling that Yuuko made didn't occured after the fortune but during. The next episode has Watankui facing some dark shadows along with meeting a fox spirit.


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