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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

xxxHolic 5

Manga Chapter 26

Doumeki is competing at an archery contest which Watankui and Himawari are cheering for him. Watankui suggested to come here since he was making Doumeki's lunch and get some alone time with Himawari. Doumeki wins the contest even though his good arm was still injured and puts his broken winning arrow in Watankui's bag. On his way back home, Watankui smells something good and follows the smell to an oden stand. He notices a fox kid who managed to scare each other which the kid throws the plates into the air. Watankui catches all the plates who becomes startled by another fox. The fox gives Watankui some oden as most humans wouldn't notice the stand without high spirital powers. The younger fox kept looking at Watankui's bag which he was interested in Doumeki's broken arrow. Watankui gives him the broken arrow as he didn't need it. The fox is interested in rare things which the arrow is actually an Hajaya which is something of extreme spiritual power. The arrow is payment for the oden which the fox gives him some oden to take back to Yuuko. Watankui comes back to the shop which Yuuko notices the crest on the cloth to be Fox Oden. As Yuuko and Mokona sat outside watching the moon, she mentions that tomorrow will be a full moon and needs to prepare for it.

Yuuko has Watankui to take a package back to the oden stand along with a backpack which will help Watankui to deal with spirits on the full moon and Friday the 13th. Watankui doesn't understand why he has to do this on such a dangerous day as he encounters a couple of living shadows. Some spirits begin to chase him as he opens up the backpack to find Mokona who suggests that they should play Shiritori (word game that requires you to say a word that begins with the final kana of the previous word). Mokona starts the game which Watankui decides to play along and makes the spirits disappear. They do this back and forth until Watankui couldn't think of a word and falls down. The spirits clipped the package before Watankui could start the game again. After a while, Watankui and Mokona managed to reach the stand as the fox explains that Shiritori is a defense charm against spirits. Watankui gives the package to the fox which appears to be an empty bird cage but it actually contains two birds whose shadows can be only seen during a full moon. The fox was interested in the birds when he talked to Yuuko last time but one of the birds is injured when the spirits attacked the cage. Without Shiritori, the bird's injuries would be a lot worse. The arrow healed the bird's tail when it was put over the moonlight. The two birds flew away towards the moon which the small fox can take Watankui and Mokona home with the power of the arrow. Watankui and Mokona ate some oden which the small fox wanted to play Shiritori and started out with oden which you can't make any words with it. Yuuko sits alone in the moonlight with the two birds and cheers to the moon.

This story is based on a small chapter that was expanded with the Shiritori game and the moonlight birds. It was a good story where there was nothing serious brooding over them. The second half of the episode is all anime original while the only difference in the first half is scenes with the archery competition. The next episode involves a computer user who can't stop using the internet.


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