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Thursday, July 27, 2006

xxxHolic 6

Manga Chapters 8-11

Watankui is at a drug store getting some hangover medicine for Yuuko. He gives her the medicine as he noticed that she had a computer with internet access. After taking the medicine, Yuuko decides to go shopping which she takes Watankui to Ginza via a wormhole in her house. Watankui didn't want to go via the wormhole but Yuuko forces him as various spirits annoyed him while crossing the tunnel. They arrived at Ginza a moment later which Yuuko immediately wanted some alcohol but ended up at a sports store. She wanted to buy a red alumimum bat but she wasn't done in Ginza. They went to an apartment complex which Yuuko came to grant a wish to a customer. Yuuko met this person online as Kindo-chan and the person was called Hanahana-san. They met on a website called The Magical Women plus Special Effects. Hanahana was suprised that Yuuko would be so young and beautiful because of her knowledge. She wrote her an email saying that she wants to stop using the internet because it's on her mind all the time and her family suffers for it. She has tried many times to stop but could not. This time, she's prepared to stop using the internet and move on with her life. Yuuko tells her in order to stop doing something completely, she needs to ask why she must stop and why can't she stop. Hanahana said that she wants to stop because her husband told her to which Yuuko brings up the point that if he says for her to stop, then why should she stop because he told her to do so. Hanahana mentions that it was the first time that her husband told her to stop something as she's been ignoring her housework and her child. Yuuko asks her why she should spend time with her child which she says that he could have bad childhood memories. Yuuko counterpoints with why he can't have bad childhood memories which she says that he's her child and he's cute. Watankui leaves the room when Yuuko asks her why she can't stop using the internet which she doesn't really know why. Yuuko says that she needs to make some sacrifices in order to do it. After the conversation, Yuuko and Watankui decides to leave.

They were about to leave when Hanahana asks her if there was anything else to do besides that which Yuuko said there was none and stick to that promise of stopping. While at a cafe, Yuuko asks Watankui how's things going with Himawari which he says that Doumeki is in the way of anything happening between them. Watankui was about to go home when Yuuko is waiting for Hanahana to go online. She tries to ignore the urge to go online but could not as she needs to tell everyone that she won't be around anymore. Back at the cafe, Hanahana's desktop appears on everyone's computers there which was the sign that Yuuko was waiting for. Hanahana goes on an internet binge which Yuuko reappears from the window. She tries to explain why she was on a website when she's supposed to do email and forums only but Yuuko tells her that quitting means stopping completely not for a little bit. Yuuko says that she must be serious in about quitting or it means nothing at all. She must quit on her own not because of others. She wants internet even though it's the source of pain and suffering for her. She decides that the important thing is her family as she doesn't want to lose them. She asks for Yuuko's help to help her quit which she asks for her son's chair which she accepts the terms. Yuuko asks Watankui for the bat which she writes Iron Cutting Sword on it. She manages to cut the computer in half and nothing else with it. Watankui thinks that the problem is solved but Yuuko tells him otherwise as she needs to decide to stop on her own. If she had help her any more than that, it would have cost her a lot more. Watankui wants to use the wormhole to go back home instead of the train because of money. Hanahana notices that her computer is gone when her son asks her what happened to his chair which she doesn't give an answer to him.

This episode shows how the internet can be addicting along with how quitting must be done seriously or else, it means nothing. It's usually that quitting is a bad thing but if you're giving up a bad thing, then you must quit with all of your heart. It follows the manga story quite well which it remove the part about the shadows from the two workers of the drug store and added a few scenes for fill up the time. The very last scene was added and showed that Hanahana had troubles in giving up the internet. The next episode has a girl asking for Yuuko's help which Watankui gets sucked into the darkness where he encounters a girl.


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