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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Yakitate Japan 62

Kanmuri and Kawachi are taking care of a sicken Azuma who managed to revive Kanmuri's spirit. Kawachi notices a smell coming from the fireplace which the wood gives off certain smells when burnt which gives Kanmuri an idea. Kanmuri's father comes down to see the match and talks to Masanobu first. He feels resented by this as he didn't come for other events in his life. After talking to Masanobu, Kanmuri's father feels that pulling either Masanobu or Kanmuri from baking but his organization doesn't anyone who can run the business that well. Masanobu doesn't care if he does inherit the business or not as along he beats Kanmuri. A moment later, Kanmuri finally shows up with an apple tree log which Masanobu doesn't understand the reasoning behind it. As the match goes on, Kanmuri's father wonders why Masanbou is using a rounded, black pot. Some of the members wanted to get revenge on the Manager for beating the crap out of them which the boss tells them to stop it along with asking the Manager to help him to explain the match to him. The Manager initally refuses the request until Tsukino asks him to do since she sees that he wants to understand his children's match so badly. The Manager says that if Kanmuri loses the match, he would fight them. The pot that Masanbou is using is made out of volcanic rock. He's trying to make warm jam which the Manager had to explain that if you warm up cold jam, it would become too sweet. Masanbou then set fire to his jam which created a strong smell and gives it to Kuro-yan. He puts his head into the flaming pot to show an image of Anpan Man. Kuro-yan's face is exactly like Uncle Jam, the father of Anpan-Man.

Kuro-yan praises Masanbou for creating a jam that can be considered as an ulimate jam. The boss thinks that Masanbou is going to win but Kawachi says otherwise even though he has no idea how Kanmuri is going to win. Kanmuri is producing some smoke which was misinterupted as a fire by the boss but the Manager tells them that he's smoking the jam. The boss thought this was stupid until he smell the smoke which was apples. Masanbou thinks that he has already won and doesn't fear Kanmuri's smoked jam. Kuro-yan tasted Kanmuri's jam which look like that he didn't produce any reaction until he started to walk towards the drum. Masanbou tries to stop Kuro-yan from going into the drum but could not. Kawachi laughed at him as he thought that Masanbou was trying to stop the reaction because he thought that he lost but that wasn't the case. He was trying to stop Kuro-yan from burning himself in the drum. The gang members tried to stop him but couldn't. The Manager asks Tsukino to be a fortuneteller and give Kuro-yan a fortune. Kuro-yan changed directions since telling a fortune is close to smoking and headed to the monkey bars since it's close to fortune. The boss praises the Manager for his high ability to assess situations very quickly and deal with them. Kuro-yan considered Kanmuri's jam to be ultimate as well and declares that there's a draw. Masanobu decides to become the successor as he admits that he was defeated by Kanmuri as he overcame his disadvantage in making jam. He's happy that he was able to face Kanmuri with everything he had and given up as a cook but the Manager knows that his feelings of loving to cook are true. Trying to save Kuro-yan's life was the main thing that show this love of cook. The boss decided not to have either son to inherit since their love to cook has made them high quality bakers. He decided to have the Manager to be the successor as he was able to assess situations quickly and have the physical skills to do it. The Manager asks for Kawachi's help but refuses since he told him to shut up earlier and Tsukino and Kanmuri decided to go shopping with Masanbou.

This episode ends Kanmuri's side arc as he doesn't have to go into the family business as his father sees that both sons are very well-off and can't remove them from it. Instead he has the Manager to be the successor which everybody abandoned him when he needed help. I find it funny that Kanmuri's father had no mouth at all. The next episode has Team Pantasia making seaweed bread with some famous person showing up.


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