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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Honey and Clover II 9

Karou has left the city soon after he finished the takeover as Morita wonders if he did the right thing by staying with his brother instead of moving forward. He thinks back when he talks to Karou as he says that Morita stayed with him because he had to. Karou says that he couldn't see the light and doesn't have anything as he wonders what it would have been like to be Morita. Morita talks to Shiroyama which he says that exacting revenge isn't suited for someone with imagination which Kaoru is too kind to do it. Shiroyama says that Kaoru was very smart which Morita being by him prevented hurting himself. Shuuji asks Takemoto and Yamada to stay away as he tells them that Hagu is forcing herself to feel her right hand or otherwise she needs surgery. At that moment, Hagu calls out for Shuuji and tells him that she can feel her hand and goes into unconciousness since she refused to sleep along with painkillers. Yamada and Takemoto walked by home thinking about Hagu's inner strength to regain the use of her hand along with the possibility that she may not ever recovered. Yamada was looking at phones when Nomiya shows up. She tells him that she wants to help out as much as possible but thinks that she can't really do anything for Hagu. Nomiya tells Yamada that she shouldn't think that as she will drift away from Hagu by thinking that which she really needs the support of others in overcoming the challenge ahead of her. Yamada decides to listen to Nomiya's words while Miwako and Yamazaki were watching and praised him for the advice. While on the roof, Miwako manages to overload Yamazaki by saying that they are going to be friends forever. Yamada is making a sweater and thinking that she and Hagu are in different worlds which she will drift apart someday. The next day, Yamada gives Hagu the sweater she made which she notices that Yamada had a feather on her from cutting her father's jacket. Then she notices some more feathers which she looks like an angel to her.

Shuuji talks to the doctor head of Hagu's rehab which they had her touch some surfaces on various degrees of roughness. The doctor mentions that he should give Hagu a massage on her upper body. Takemoto was looking at some flowers when Yamada shows up but he can't really pay for them. She takes him to a place where they can pick out some flowers which they give to Hagu. She cries after receiving them which Takemoto and Yamada discovered from Shuuji that she can't feel anything on her fingertips. Shuuji says that they can't give up but they need to focus on their lives as well. Takemoto asks Shuuji about a guy who showed up last night which it was Hagu's father which he didn't really see her and left with a woman (I'm guessing stepmother.) Takemoto realizes that the place Hagu wanted to return isn't the same anymore and thinks that she can't take much more. He notices that she has been biting herself and eventually started to bite Shuuji as well. He receives a fax from Shin saying that they are working in Morioka and wants him to join them by mid-April. Takemoto is having doubts about whenever to accept the job and leave Hagu or stay in Tokyo and support her as getting money to support himself would be hard. If he spends all that time making money, he wouldn't have time for Hagu. If she gets better, what would he do then? He can't be a burden to her and give up his career for her. Takemoto finally understands the words that Mayama told him about saving up money in order for the love of his life to relax which he can't do for Hagu. He doesn't want to be apart from her as everyone is nearly alone.

Hagu begins her rehab to regain full use of her right hand which it will be a long road ahead for her but with the support of Shuuji, Yamada, and Takemoto she won't be alone at all. Yamada was wavering a bit as she thought she couldn't do anything for Hagu as they were from different worlds but Nomiya managed to get her back on the right path. Takemoto is facing a very difficult decision which he must decide between his career or Hagu. He wants to stay with Hagu but he cannot easily support himself while helping her at the same time. He needs money but at the same time, he doesn't want to leave Hagu. Only Takemoto could make this decision and no one can make it for him. There was one scene that was extremely confusing which was the part where Takemoto mentions to Shuuji about Hagu's father. We never actually see him there the first time around before Takemoto brings it up. I felt that there was an important part missing from that. The next episode continues with Hagu's rehab and Takemoto's decision between a career and Hagu.

Jigoku Shoujo 25

Hajime and Tsugumi are in the water as they see a light. Then the episode goes into the past with Sentarou waking up and telling his father to sell the sandles that he has been making instead of giving them away. He wants to help out his father but he tells him to play with Emma. She shows up a moment later crying as she was picked on by Koukichi. Sentarou decides to confront Koukichi and tries to fight him but his friends hold him back. Koukichi says that Emma is a monster as bizarre things happened around her like a dead butterfly coming back to life after holding it. The villagers say that Emma will cause a great catastrophe one day if she stays which Koukichi told her to leave. Sentarou breaks free and tries to fight him but ends up get beaten instead by the numbers game. At the river bed, Emma explains that the butterfly wasn't dead and apologizes for what happened. The story advances to winter when the village decides sacrifice Emma to the Mountain God which they tried to make it an honor but it's really to get rid of her bad luck. Sentarou tries to get them not sacrifice her but he has to try to find a replacement which was not possible. Emma undergoes the ceremony which her parents have a plan to protect Emma from the villagers. Some time later, the village is experiencing hardships as Sentarou makes runs to the mountain where Emma is hiding. Meanwhile, Emma is on the boat where she has sent many people to Hell.

The village's crops have failed along with lives of the villagers in danger when winter comes around. Later that night, Sentarou and Emma sing a song which they are happy. The happiness ends as the villagers discovered the two which they captured Ai as Sentarou is unable to do anything as he was pinned to the ground. The Helpers wanted to save Emma so many times as they were grateful to her for being not sent to Hell. Sentarou wanted to save Emma but his father would not allow him to stop the ceremony of forgiveness. The villagers kill both of her parents along with Emma and forced Sentarou to bury them but she was still alive. They continued to bury her as she felt betrayed by Sentarou and the villagers as he ran away. Sentarou returns to the village which he sees Emma burning it down as she sings that song. Sentarou runs away from the burning village which the story ends there. Hajime and Tsugumi saw the whole story as she doesn't understand Sentarou while Hajime does.

Emma was a cursed girl who only brought destruction to the village which Sentarou wanted to save her but could not as the villagers pressured him into their way of thinking. She was like Hell Boy who couldn't really died at all. The question now is how Emma became Jigoku Shoujo in the first place. The final episode has Tsugumi making a difficult choice.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Jigoku Shoujo 24

Emma is singing a song while stacking rocks on a nearby river bed. At school, a couple of Tsugumi's friends are showing her a broken keychain which they want to send the boy to Hell for it which made her rather uneasy. She immediately runs outside and almost gets by a truck which she got only minor injuries. She asks Hajime if he would hate the driver if she would died and doesn't understand anymore about Jigoku Shoujo. He promises that he won't mention Jigoku Shoujo anymore. Back at home, Tsugumi stares at her mother's pin wondering if it's ok to end it like this when Hajime tells her that they are going to Hawaii for an assignment. He was about to call the travel agency when she receives a vision from Emma and collaspes. He begs for Emma to stop possessing her daughter as he won't chase her anymore. Tsugumi realizes that she has to meet with Emma in order to get the answer to her question. Meanwhile in Hell, Emma's grandmother was wondering the condition of Emma which she says that she's fine. Hajime and Tsugumi decided to go to the place that Tsugumi has saw before when he stops the car as he saw Emma in his rear-view window. A moment later, she wasn't there in the mirror and stop at a small inn to get information. Tsugumi was in the hot spring when Emma appeared behind her and asking her if the scenery was familiar. Hajime entered the spring a moment later which he knew that she was scared and try to figure out Emma's message.

The next morning, Hajime asks the owner about a sakura tree which was 20 minutes away but doesn't know how to get there. She mentions a temple which a monk there would know the way. Hajime and Tsugumi arrived at the Temple of the Seven Child which Emma was there as well. They meet with the monk which he mentions that his name was coincidental while Emma eats a berry from a nearby plant. The monk mentions an old tale which involves the Seven Sendings. It's a thing where the locals give a seven year old girl to the mountains every seven years to request immunity from ailments and a good harvest. The monk explains that seven is the yang in yin-yang which brings good fortune and considered to be a lucky number. Emma remembers that she was sacrificed as Sentarou watched her. The temple was built to calm the wandering spirits of those children which the builders were owners of black candy stores. The custom started 400 years ago during the Azuchi Momoyama era which the black candy is an offering. Hajime asks the monk the name of the store which was Shibataya along with the name of the owner which was Sentarou. Back in Hell, the helpers have no clue where Emma is which a spider finds out the location of Emma which makes them very concern. Hajime and Tsugumi are at the waterfall when the wintery scene changed into spring and see Sentarou and Emma while they were younger. Emma makes an appearance and says that the blood didn't disappeared. Tsugumi receives a vision which Emma was buried alive by Sentarou and the pile of rocks was her gravestone. Emma thinks that Tsugumi is trying to kill her again and tries to murder her. The Helpers showed up and tried to stop Emma from killing Tsugumi out of hate since she would sent to Hell. They were unsuccessful in stopping Emma from killing both Tsugumi and Hajime as they were knocked into the river. Emma doesn't care about her soul now as she wants to ferry them to Hell.

It's rather interesting that Emma was a sacfrice 400 years ago which Sentarou buried her alive. He obviously regretted doing it and created the temple to please her soul but she has so much hate. She would give up her soul to kill Tsugumi and Hajime. I think that Tsugumi is the reincartination of Sentarou which explains why she has been receiving the visions. The next episode goes into more of Emma's past.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Honey and Clover II 8

The episode with Hagu remembering that she saw God as a child and realized the reason why she drew. She promise herself that when she can't draw anymore that she would return to God. Takemoto mentions that he didn't knew anything at all or notice what was about to happen to Hagu as she looked at Takemoto's piece which he managed to get finished in time. She says that it looks simple from afar but up close, it's intricate. He's happy that Hagu praised him and tells her about his dream to be a restoration worker which he travels around the country fixing temples and shrines. It requires to figure out how the pieces were built since blueprints aren't around during that time. Hagu mentions that once graduation comes around, they aren't going to easily meet each other so causally. Takemoto asks her if she's going to Naguro after graduation and why she hasn't mention it to Shuuji. She says that she's afraid to tell him and doesn't want him to give up his life for her. Yamada talks to Shuuji and wonders if he's feeling down but he says that the festivalities are coming to an end. Hagu is thinking about what Takemoto said to him outside when a glass window shatters on a wall. The shards were directly above Hagu and all fell on her. Meanwhile in Spain, Mayama is dealing with Carlos while Rika is feeling much better since he's been keeping Carlos busy with their drinking binges. Each night, Mayama hasn't been near Rika since he can't get into her bedroom since they have seperate bedrooms. Shuuji and Yamada heard some people about an accident when Shuuji gets the call about Hagu's accident. Takemoto was outside when he hears about it and rushes to the scene to confirm it. He knew that Hagu was hurt when a bloody Yamada grabs him and tells him that Shuuji is with her at the moment and that he will call him with information on her injuries. Takemoto and Yamada helped pick up the glass shards and clean up the blood.

The president of Floyd Electric is talking to one of his workers about the current status of the company and suggests cutting the workforce when Kaoru and Morita shows up. He gives the president a package that contained a worker outfit. Kaoru says that today is the day that he returns to square one. He mentions that the president's father was a great technician but the president himself forgot how to build things and want to make profit. Kaoru says that they are the new board of directions and taking back his father's company. The president can't believe as Lucus Digital Arts own 35% of the stocks which they managed to take over but doesn't understand why they are doing this. The worker shows the picture of the Morita family and still doesn't get it. He tells him to find a new home, lose a bunch of money through lawsuits, and leave his son and grandchildren to him. Kaoru is very happy about the whole thing while Morita regrets that he couldn't keep his promise to his father. Takemoto mentions that many people gather around Hagu's painting and wasn't until the evening where he heard from Shuuji. Hagu's injuries are 10 stiches on her head and 13 on her right arm. Doctors were required to operate on her right hand for six hours. Takemoto and Yamada visited Hagu in the hospital which she bought some change of clothes and towels. Hagu said that her head hurts but her hand doesn't when Shuuji comes in. He tells them to go home and sleep which Takemoto didn't want to go but Yamada tells him to go. After they left, Hagu wants Shuuji to tell her the truth as she's not afraid of the truth. He says that the injury on her hand runs through the base of her fingers and across the palm. The surgey was supposed to reconnect the tendons, blood vessels, and nerves which the stitches come out in 10 days. The problem is that the nerves at the base of the fingers could be fuse together and cause secondary problems. It would require her to be in the hospital for over two months and partake in intensive rehabilitation. Takemoto and Yamada were outside when he told Hagu the sad news.

This episode was rather sad as Hagu didn't died from the accident but it leads to a situation where she could kill herself as she could have a life where she can't draw anymore. It seems that the curse of the genius artists has strucked on Hagu. It's very unlikely that she could fully recover the use of her right hand which brings a tough time for Hagu and the others. I still think that Takemoto is the only one who could save her but it's going to be a hard road. Meanwhile, Morita saw how Kaoru couldn't move forward as he destroyed a life for something that he had forgotten over 10 years ago. He blamed himself for being unable to keep his father's promise to move forward and not bear a grudge. Mayama is helping Rika out by keeping Carlos busy but unable to spend much time with her. The next episode will begin Hagu's rehabilitation and how everyone is handling the accident.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Yakitate Japan 63

Team Pantasia were talking about recent events as the Manager are being followed by Kanmuri's father gang but Kanmuri is concerned about one thing. Since the last match was a draw, the next match will have two panels on the line due to the draw. If St. Pierre wins panel seven, they can also capture panel eight. Kirisaki will bring someone tough for this battle which Azuma isn't really down as Kanmuri and Kawachi are. At the Yakitate 9 set, Team Pantasia is surprised at their next opponent who is Miki Norihei, one of Japan's heroes which they were worried about copywrites. Kanmuri hopes that the speciality product isn't seaweed but that hope was destroyed as panel seven reveals to be Uppurui which has the highest quality of seaweed. Kuro-yan explains that Matsudaira Fumai wore an overcoat made of seaweed to Tokyo to bring the seaweed to the capitial. The panel is also a Yakitate Chance which allows the winner to pick one more panel. If Norihei wins, he would pick panel one and get five panels at one battle. Norihei greets Azuma as he wanted to battle him and gives him a piece of bread that had seaweed jam on it. Azuma says that Norihei is a tough opponent but the others don't believe him since he didn't have a reaction. He sees otherwise as the word It's is added to the title screen along with newspaper listings and graphic novels to Yakitate Japan. Team Pantasia are afraid of the true strength of Norihei.

They arrived at Uppurui which they were depressed by the odds except for Azuma as they could beat him breadwise. They find some Uppurui seaweed which can cost 20,000 yen for 100 grams of the stuff and need to make it tender since it's rather hard. Azuma says that they could use Pepmi-Cola to make the seaweed tender as it's used in high-class restrauants. Kawachi thinks that it won't taste good but Azuma manages to get the supplies to make the soft seaweed. He has Kawachi to taste some of the seaweed which he didn't wanted to at first but he does. Kanmuri spotted a girl drowning in the river but the fisherman tells him that the currents are rather strong in that area. Kawachi was covered in metal as he went into the river. He punched a couple of sharks and saves the girl as Pepmiman. Kawachi couldn't say anything but shuwaa as the girl thank him for saving her. They go to the Kuro Lodge which is covered in pitch black which Kawachi complained while Kanmuri wants him to be Pepmiman for life. Azuma has an idea for the bread which to make the dough fluffy as freshly make rice but Kawachi thinks that it's impossible. Azuma asks Kanmuri to make spring rolls which Kawachi doesn't understand why he asked him that question. At the day of the match, Kawachi wonders why everyone is more into it as usual which Tsukino says that Norihei was giving out seaweed for free. When Norihei made his appearance, the crowd just ate up his appearance. The match is beginning as Kawachi watches Azuma trying to beat Norihei who has everything to his advantage.

This episode reveals some aspect of panel stealing that the Yakitate 25 had in this match where five panels could be stolen by St. Pierre. It also reveals that the show doesn't take it self seriously as the reaction with the seaweed bread had It's Yakitate Japan in the title screen which it was actually in the title screen of the episode. It seems that Norihei is Team Pantasia's greatest challenge yet but they overcome it. The next episode will be the actual match.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Zipang Review

Zipang is about the latest Japanese cruiser Mirai which got caught in a weird storm that threw them into the Battle of Midway back in the year 1942. The crew of Mirai was in a powerful position but one that most people would have trouble to handle with. The modern-day firepower could change the war and the history of the world greatly which its appearance did exactly that. Even the knowledge of future events can bring about very great desires through a person that was supposed to be dead in the original timeline. One person could bring about a huge change in future events as he wouldn't had that chance if he died. The first choice that Mirai decided to do was just do nothing drastic to change the future but saving Kusaka made them to alter that course. Under Kusaka's influence, they decided to try save many Japanese and American lives from the war but that was just a decoy for Kusaka's true plan to create his ideal country of Zipang. The final episode reveals something interesting about the world that the Mirai was thrown in through a discovery that Yosuke made about his family. The series doesn't really conclude right there as the final battle between Yosuke and Kusaka was unresolved along with the Mirai will ever getting back home.

The series did a great job in having strong characters who are placed in a position to literally change the history of the world for the better or worse. It did a good job in portraying the difficulty of these decisions along with the wartime atmosphere as well. The music and the animation was very good as well. Overall, Zipang is a better version of the Final Countdown (not the song but the movie that had a similar idea but it was an American carrier instead of a Japanese cruiser.) I give Zipang a 4 out of 5.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Bleach 80

Kon is yelling at Lilin, Claude, and Nova for being on Ichigo's bed as he claims to be the mascot and deserves the bed. Ichigo comes into the room and tells them to stop arguing and wonders why he has to keep them. So Ichigo recalls the discussion on how he got them. He and the others were talking about how Ishida wants to be alone and could not detect Yoshi's signal which means that she's gone forever. Urahara thinks that the Bounts get their dolls by collecting existing spirit and mental energy and then controlling it. Then he has Renji to go with him to Kariya's mansion with Orihime and Sado going back to school. He has Ichigo to go home and think up a plan when the Bounts make their move and has Lilin and the others to help him. Kon and Lilin fight with each other which Rukia asks them to be quiet as she's trying to read some story that involves bunnies. Ichigo and Rukia fight with each other as Lilin calls Kon a fool and get into a physical fight. Ichigo breaks them up which they play dead as they noticed that Yusu came into the room to tell Ichigo what they having for dinner. She thinks that he's having some mental problems as he was talking to some dolls and leaves afterwards. Ichigo and Rukia deal with a Hollow threat which Lilin and the others explain to Kon that Ichigo's family is in danger because of their high amount of spirit energy. Ichigo quickly defeats the Hollow and heads back home. As they were coming back home, Rukia notices that some thing weird is going on at the house. Kon was finishing putting up a trap at the entrance when Ichigo and Rukia came back. Lilin explains that he was putting up Bount traps like the standard basket trap, a couple of balloons and disks that acts like a repellant, a motor that drops on its target when they step on a sensor, and a rope trap that seals spirit energy. Ichigo asks who would be trapped by these traps when Hantarou shows up and trips on the trap and asks if he dispatched because of the Bounts. He says that he doesn't know why he was here as he's been enjoying everyday life and wasn't caught by the traps. Ichigo, Rukia, Kon, and Hantarou entered the house as Lilin and the others are annoyed by Ichigo's attitude toward the Bount threat and decides to do something about it.

Lilin and Claude are wearing suits that look like Bount dolls which allows them to use their powers at their full ability. They decide to attack Ichigo and Rukia with the new suits as Nova will help them to set off the traps to prove their usefulness. They begin the plan as Rukia uses one of her spells to attack them. Nova saves them in time but the blast knocks out the speakers in the suit so they can't talk without putting up the masks. Rukia blasts them again with Nova teleporting them out in time. Lilin and Claude decides to give up the plan but Hantarou thought that they were eaten by the Bounts and were blasted by Rukia for a third time. Ichigo and Rukia decides to chase them which Nova couldn't tell them that they were Lilin and Claude. Kon who is in Ichigo's body decides to avenge them only to trip his trap. Lilin and Claude realized that they can't take off their suit but can hear each other through the radio. They decide to find Nova as he is their only hope but had to hide as Keigo was doing her sister's errands. Then he talks to Zennosuke who is annoyed that many people can see him. Rukia attacks Lilin and Claude which she blasts Zennosuke by accident as Keigo sees the entire thing. Hanatoru was removing the traps when Lilin and Claude showed up which they decided to take him hostage but that plan failed as Ichigo, Renji, and Rukia all showed up. So they decided to fuse together which they start out by replacing Renji's sword with a broom and then using it against him. Ichigo tries to attack them but sees Yuzu tied up on the combination and gets hit instead. Then Rukia gets tickled by a bunch of bunnies. They were about to finish them off when they were caught by their own trap and split apart. Nova teleports them to himself and takes off their suits. Kon explains the suits and says that they were lucky that he was able to explain the situation to him and saved their lives. Lilin beats up Kon for it as Urahara decides to have them remove the traps which they did except one as Isshin got caught by the motor trap.

I didn't like this episode much as it was stupid. It was designed to break up the serious mood but Bleach comedy needs to be in doses not based for an entire episode. That's why the Shinigami Golden segments work so well that they are short and don't go on for 20 minutes. Also the episodes reveals a thing that it shouldn't have at this point in the current manga storyline with Keigo being able to see spirits. I'll bet that part of the storyline will be changed once the anime continues on the manga storyline. Anyway, the next episode is going to be about Ishida.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Honey and Clover II 7

Kaoru is working on the computer when he remembers the events that lead to the loss of his father's company. Tatsou was telling Tsukasa about the new applicants when he finished his remote control finder that will come to their owner when he tells them to come to him. Tatsou wasn't impressed at them as he thinks that they are unneccessary if he kept his room clean which Tsukasa says that he's boring. Tatsou tells him to do common sense things that he just ignores. Then they argued about these things as the applicants are waiting outside and wondering what they got themselves into. Instead of the standard questions that Tatsou was going to ask, Tsukasa makes the applicants to build an airplane using the materials in the room and will hire the guy who makes their plane fly the farthest. Not only the applicants are going to make the airplane but Tsukasa's employees, Kaoru, and Morita will take part as well. If Kaoru or Morita beats all of them, no one gets hired and have to run ten laps. Kaoru recalls that Tsukasa's company was small but it had great success overseas. He saw Morita's plane flew gracefully in the air as his plane failed. In the end, Morita's plane won overall as Kaoru and Tatsou look at Tsukasa's praise of Morita. Kaoru has Tsukasa rescue Morita from a hole which he takes him to a hospital while sending Kaoru back to the company to call off the search. Kaoru was injured himself while running to get his father which Tsukusa completely ignore but Tatsou didn't as he comforted him. Tatsou was Tsukasa's childhood and best friend and business partner. He tells Kaoru that Morita is similar to Tsukusa as he was carefree which he would eat some absent's kid lunch or makes fights much worse. Tsukasa was loved by everyone and didn't fear anything. He always smile even when he was the final batter of a losing game which he managed to turn around. Tatsuo always thought that even though Tsukasa could do all these things, he could do one thing that nobody else could do. He wanted to think that but realizes that he can't do that all of the time. At this time, Kaoru didn't realized that Tatsuo was slowly dying from a terminal disease. He was taking care of his mother who thought that Tatsuo was her husband and ask about a girl named Ricchan who became Tsukasa's wife. A doctor tells him that he should be admitted into a hospital for the rest of his days but he needs to work to the end. He wonders why the world is split between the gifted and the not gifted, the people who are loved and those who aren't, and ask himself if there was a split in the first place.

Tsukasa was building a new invention when Tatsuo was asking about company matters which he told him to take care of it. He wants to know if Tsukasa is human like him or if not, show him how he's different from him. So he decided to betray him by giving the company to Floyd Electric which the next day, the takeover began. The owner tells Tsukasa that he's going to be their most important technician and promise that his employees will be paid double and could do more. Tsukasa decides to quit the company as he doesn't like to work under others and wants to punch him for it. Tatsuo suddenly collaspes from lack of sleep as he sees Tsukasa fall from earth. Tatsuo tells Tsukasa the truth about his disease and finds out that his assets will be transferred to the company in the event of his death. Tsukasa tells Morita and Karou not to hold a grudge which Kaoru refused to do so. He tells Kaoru that it's his job to hold the grudge and that they should move forward towards the future. They shut down their house and move away. In the city, Kaoru and Morita see a walkman that Tsukasa made but has the Floyd Electric logo which Kaoru tries to destroy it and end up being chased. Karou couldn't keep up with Morita and realizes how Tatsuo felt towards Tsukasa as he felt the same way towards Morita. Kaoru falls to the ground which Morita came back for him and protected him from the dark emotions. Morita wakes up which Kaoru tells him that he can go back to the college now as he's not needed anymore. He decides to stay with Kaoru to go to Floyd Electric to take back Tsukasa's company. A heavy wind descends on the Hambai Festival the group doesn't realized that one of their own is unconciousness laying next to shards of bloody broken glass.

This episode reveals the backstory of why Kaoru and Morita are trying to get back their father's company. The relationship between Tsukasa and Tatsuo is similar to the one that Kaoru and Morita have with each other. Tsukasa depended on Tatsuo while Morita looked up to Kaoru. Tatsuo didn't want to betray Tsukasa as he was dying and needed a way to secure his mother's future even though she was suffering mentally. The seperation theme was hinted again at the end of the episode but instead of it being light-hearted with everyone leaving to their own paths, it takes a dark turn for the worse. I was shocked at the ending of this episode that I won't even mention the person who was on the floor near the bloody shards. The next episode continues with Kaoru and Morita's attempt to retake their father's company along with the aftermath of the horrible event.