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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Bleach 79

Orihime was talking to Rukia and Lilin about Ichigo and Renji fighting all night along with Ishida and Yoshi. Then Ichigo and Renji came back up and had breakfast along with Tessai and Sado who serving coffee. Renji never had coffee and spitted it out which he has Nova puts lots of sugar into it. Rukia came into the room along with Orihime which Ichigo asked her what's wrong which nothing was wrong. Claude talks to Nova as he was worried about Yoshi as she left the store along with Ishida and decides to withhold the information. Back at the mansion, Kariya finds a broken grandfather clock and compares it to how time doesn't move for the Bounts and have to force it to move. Ishida tries to sneak out and find Yoshi but Lilin was watching the doorway. He forces her to be a detector for finding Yoshi. Claude tells Ichigo and the others that Yoshi and Ishida have disappeared along with Lilin. Kariya was sitting on a couch as Yoshi makes her appearance. She asks him if he's going to do it and going to end this. He says that he needs her help which she summons Goethe and asks it if he wants to die with her which he agreed. Ishida and Lilin gets closer to Yoshi and Kariya.

Ichigo asks Claude why he didn't say so earlier which Rukia has Nova being able to detect where they have went. Before they could go, Urahara orders Ichigo and Renji to go on ahead while the others will be there shortly along with that they must avoid fights and get Ishida back. Yoshi isn't doing fine as her injuries is preventing her to fine control Goethe which it could consume her in flames. Kariya mentions that Goethe as an afflection towards her that isn't like the other dolls and their masters. He says that Yoshi has a strong motherly instinct even though she can't have kids and calls out Ishida. Kariya captures Yoshi and grabs her crest which to reduce Goethe's power. Ichigo and Renji encountered Kogu and Maki near the mansion which they mention that a ceremony is about to begin. Kariya realizes that long ago that he needed help to achieve the power that he wants. He's going to use Yoshi's power to breathe new life into the dolls and proceeds to break Yoshi's crest. The broken crest causes Goethe to erupt into flames and attacks Kariya. Ishida and Yoshi discovered that Kariya fused with his doll as his crest was on his chest. Yoshi has Goethe to fuse with her which normally would be death for a Bount but not for her. The fused Yoshi fights with Kariya while Ichigo, Maki, Renji, and Koga continued to fight with each other. In the end, Kariya kills Yoshi which she's ok that she's dying now and thanks Ishida for everything before disappearing. Then Kariya asborbs Yoshi's power to create new dolls which they flied off.

This episode shows the end of Yoshi as her power was used to create new dolls for Kariya along with that Ishida is useless to him. The next episode involves the mod souls along with an appearance from Hantarou.


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