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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Bleach 80

Kon is yelling at Lilin, Claude, and Nova for being on Ichigo's bed as he claims to be the mascot and deserves the bed. Ichigo comes into the room and tells them to stop arguing and wonders why he has to keep them. So Ichigo recalls the discussion on how he got them. He and the others were talking about how Ishida wants to be alone and could not detect Yoshi's signal which means that she's gone forever. Urahara thinks that the Bounts get their dolls by collecting existing spirit and mental energy and then controlling it. Then he has Renji to go with him to Kariya's mansion with Orihime and Sado going back to school. He has Ichigo to go home and think up a plan when the Bounts make their move and has Lilin and the others to help him. Kon and Lilin fight with each other which Rukia asks them to be quiet as she's trying to read some story that involves bunnies. Ichigo and Rukia fight with each other as Lilin calls Kon a fool and get into a physical fight. Ichigo breaks them up which they play dead as they noticed that Yusu came into the room to tell Ichigo what they having for dinner. She thinks that he's having some mental problems as he was talking to some dolls and leaves afterwards. Ichigo and Rukia deal with a Hollow threat which Lilin and the others explain to Kon that Ichigo's family is in danger because of their high amount of spirit energy. Ichigo quickly defeats the Hollow and heads back home. As they were coming back home, Rukia notices that some thing weird is going on at the house. Kon was finishing putting up a trap at the entrance when Ichigo and Rukia came back. Lilin explains that he was putting up Bount traps like the standard basket trap, a couple of balloons and disks that acts like a repellant, a motor that drops on its target when they step on a sensor, and a rope trap that seals spirit energy. Ichigo asks who would be trapped by these traps when Hantarou shows up and trips on the trap and asks if he dispatched because of the Bounts. He says that he doesn't know why he was here as he's been enjoying everyday life and wasn't caught by the traps. Ichigo, Rukia, Kon, and Hantarou entered the house as Lilin and the others are annoyed by Ichigo's attitude toward the Bount threat and decides to do something about it.

Lilin and Claude are wearing suits that look like Bount dolls which allows them to use their powers at their full ability. They decide to attack Ichigo and Rukia with the new suits as Nova will help them to set off the traps to prove their usefulness. They begin the plan as Rukia uses one of her spells to attack them. Nova saves them in time but the blast knocks out the speakers in the suit so they can't talk without putting up the masks. Rukia blasts them again with Nova teleporting them out in time. Lilin and Claude decides to give up the plan but Hantarou thought that they were eaten by the Bounts and were blasted by Rukia for a third time. Ichigo and Rukia decides to chase them which Nova couldn't tell them that they were Lilin and Claude. Kon who is in Ichigo's body decides to avenge them only to trip his trap. Lilin and Claude realized that they can't take off their suit but can hear each other through the radio. They decide to find Nova as he is their only hope but had to hide as Keigo was doing her sister's errands. Then he talks to Zennosuke who is annoyed that many people can see him. Rukia attacks Lilin and Claude which she blasts Zennosuke by accident as Keigo sees the entire thing. Hanatoru was removing the traps when Lilin and Claude showed up which they decided to take him hostage but that plan failed as Ichigo, Renji, and Rukia all showed up. So they decided to fuse together which they start out by replacing Renji's sword with a broom and then using it against him. Ichigo tries to attack them but sees Yuzu tied up on the combination and gets hit instead. Then Rukia gets tickled by a bunch of bunnies. They were about to finish them off when they were caught by their own trap and split apart. Nova teleports them to himself and takes off their suits. Kon explains the suits and says that they were lucky that he was able to explain the situation to him and saved their lives. Lilin beats up Kon for it as Urahara decides to have them remove the traps which they did except one as Isshin got caught by the motor trap.

I didn't like this episode much as it was stupid. It was designed to break up the serious mood but Bleach comedy needs to be in doses not based for an entire episode. That's why the Shinigami Golden segments work so well that they are short and don't go on for 20 minutes. Also the episodes reveals a thing that it shouldn't have at this point in the current manga storyline with Keigo being able to see spirits. I'll bet that part of the storyline will be changed once the anime continues on the manga storyline. Anyway, the next episode is going to be about Ishida.


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