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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Honey and Clover II 5

Miwako helps Yamada with her portfolio and asks her if she's doing any thing else which she says that she's helping with the Kosouan by making more pottery for the new room. She thanks Rika for being able to work at great places. It's been one week since Rika went to Spain which Yamada notices that Rika has a calmer voice which means that she opened her heart to Mayama. Miwako decides to take Yamada to Health Land which Yamada was like confused and dazed as she experience the bath and the muscle men massagers. Then they wear muumuu which everyone who goes to Health Land wears them. Miwako mentions that wearing the muumuu makes you forget bad things which makes Yamada thinks that she's trying to cheer up her. So they have some beer along with fragrant olives which Yamada remembers the times when she would walk around the school to just see Mayama. She begins crying which Miwako promises her that they would do everything in Health Land. Miwako has Yamada sleep at her place when Nomiya calls her. She tells him about taking her out to Health Land along with the info about Rika and Mayama. He tells her to take care of Yamada for him while she mentions that Mayama is weird as he didn't notice Yamada at all. Then he starts yelling at Miwako about how Yamada doesn't call him and thought that she was doing well but she wasn't. Yamazaki asks if Nomiya was going to Yamada which he says that she can cry by herself and goes out to the balcony. He says to himself that he will return soon and don't cry by yourself or do it in front of another man while Yamada dreams of Nomiya.

Takemoto grabs Morita (about damn time) and demands why he's eating his food since he has no money for the month because of his license. Hagu offers Takemoto her steamed bun which initially refused until Morita eats it and makes her wash her hands repeatly. Morita asks Takemoto if he's really that dirty which he says that he is pitch-black which makes Morita argue with him. Then Shuuji throws them out the window for disturbing Hagu's work. A bunch of money comes out of Morita once they land on the ground which Takemoto ask him if he has that much money, why he's eating his food. Then he asks him what's he's going to do with the money but Morita gets a call from his brother and leaves. Morita's brother shows him a program that would take 50 yen a month from every child in the world forever. He asks Morita to do one more job before next month which he says that he can't. Then he asks Shiroyama to change the program from forever to one year and child to every person under 30 which makes him to take the job. Morita asks him if he's been sleeping properly which he says that he has. Then he tells him to not make flashy moves or they will catch onto them which Karou says that they need to make one more push. Mayama asks Takemoto why he needed to invest all his money to get his license while Takemoto eats a bento. He asks him why he needed to get a license right away which he says that the worker suggested to him while he was on his trip. Mayama decides to take Takemoto to the bathhouse on him which he answers Takemoto's question about not getting a better room even though he can with his job. He says that he's saving up for a possible opportunity that will come in the future. He mentions that he read that every human has three opportunities in life and wants to have the money to take advantage of them when they come. Takemoto feels depressed that he's the one who actually poor which Mayama says that he's fine since he's a student. Mayama wants to say to Rika to "Go ahead and take some time off" if anything happens to her. He apologizes to Takemoto for being so hammy at that moment even though Takemoto thought it was cool of him. While in the bath, Takemoto thinks about what Mayama said and thinks that he doesn't understand anything about Hagu. Yamada was waiting for Miwako at the office which she played with Leader and thinks about Mayama and Rika. Then she thought about calling Nomiya when he came into the office. He played with Leader for a moment before trying to make a move on Yamada which she came at him with a roundhouse kick. She ran out of the office as she knew that Nomiya saw right through her as she wanted to call him and tell him everything but she was afraid of betraying her feelings of Mayama. She didn't care what others thought of her as she treasured her feelings of Mayama. She wants to cry over Mayama but happy that Nomiya had come back for her.

I want to say, "Welcome back Takemoto and Morita." It's so good to see you guys again after being taking a backseat to Mayama, Yamada, and Rika. This episode continues to setup the subplot of Morita and his brother building up a massive fortune along with Takemoto being unable to understand his current relationship of Hagu. Yamada didn't want to be saved by anyone else and wants to keep her feelings of Mayama intact. She does have a point in wanted to keep herself true but at the same time, she was hurting herself on the inside. Only the physical presence of Nomiya could bring her out of her never-ending pain. The next episode is going to focus on Hagu and Morita (please no MYR storyline in this episode.)


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