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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Honey and Clover II 6

The preparations of the Hamabi Festival as still on-going as a white cat approaches Morita who was thinking of his father. A flashback starts with Morita's father getting a phone call and sudden leaving the office for curry as he abandons his workers. Morita and Kaoru greet their father back home as he shows a tiny robot named Kabu-tan who goes towards a source of light. Takemoto was eating some food as he looks at his project and thinking about the lesson he learned on his trip that he needs a big base for something big along with that he can handle the simple, endless tasks in building it. Hagu looks at a book of white marble statues and thinks about how to make them along with thinking about the many things she wants to create from box that she opens. She realizes that she can't open all the boxes within her lifetime and needs someone to help her with it. Shuuji shows up and talks about some history of the Gates of Hell along with marble being translucent. Hagu tries to ask for Shuuji's help but doesn't. She looks at the blank canvas and tells herself that she can't rely on Shuuji forever. Mayama tell Miwako and the others about how he got a phone call from Rika along with a magazine with the cover showing Rika being not happy about the guy named Mac Carlos next to her. He's basically chasing after Rika which she faxed an SOS to Mayama telling him to come to Spain to protect her. The others are concerned about Mayama being worse than Mac along with her not eating correctly. Mayama realizes this and prepare to help her with eating habits but Miwako and the others were concerned about seasoning. He gets mad at them for suggesting stupid ideas and compares them to Yamada's special menus which she was behind him. She hits him with a bento and tells him about daikon sprouts and how to use them as a spice. He thanks her for the idea.

Yamada was walking alone and thinking about Mayama and Rika as usual when she notices that Leader was behind her along with Nomiya. She continues to walk while he says that she wants him to chase after her. She says not to look at her while she cries on her bag. Morita sees Hagu staring at the blank canvas and leaves her alone. Shuuji asks him to talk to her and says that their paths will seperate soon if he doesn't talk to her. Morita says that it can't be helped and that they were never close. Morita walks alone as Kaoru is looking at the building that used to be their father's company. Kaoru remembers how his father would play with Morita and the only thing that he can do is get his father's company back. Takemoto wonders if Mayama is at Spain when Yamada suggests that they should go on a drive. He tells them that he hasn't driven without an instructor along with that he doesn't have a car. She suggests that they should used Shuuji's car which he was against the idea. Yamada wants to go to the ocean with everybody but it can only sit five people along with that Mayama is in Spain. Shuuji says it's better to wait a month as Mayama returns and there will be less people along with seashells. They realized that they never been to the ocean together and imagine how it would be like. In the end, they never did went to the ocean but the picture of how it would be like stayed in their minds.

It seems that Morita and Kaoru's reason for building up all this money is to get back their father's company which he lost somehow. Yamada has broken her promise to help Mayama with Rika by suggesting food preparation to him while becoming closer to Nomiya. Shuuji ask Morita to help Hagu which he refused as he's not close to her at all. Shuuji was looking at the wrong person to help her which Takemoto is the only one who can help her. She said herself that she needs someone to help her but she can't rely on Shuuji forever. She wants him to live his life without being tied to her all the time. The whole thing about being together in the ocean was about they are about to break apart from each other to go on their own paths. So going to the ocean together is a way to have fun with each other before going away forever. The next episode is going to be about Morita's past and the reason why his father lost his company.


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