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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Honey and Clover II 7

Kaoru is working on the computer when he remembers the events that lead to the loss of his father's company. Tatsou was telling Tsukasa about the new applicants when he finished his remote control finder that will come to their owner when he tells them to come to him. Tatsou wasn't impressed at them as he thinks that they are unneccessary if he kept his room clean which Tsukasa says that he's boring. Tatsou tells him to do common sense things that he just ignores. Then they argued about these things as the applicants are waiting outside and wondering what they got themselves into. Instead of the standard questions that Tatsou was going to ask, Tsukasa makes the applicants to build an airplane using the materials in the room and will hire the guy who makes their plane fly the farthest. Not only the applicants are going to make the airplane but Tsukasa's employees, Kaoru, and Morita will take part as well. If Kaoru or Morita beats all of them, no one gets hired and have to run ten laps. Kaoru recalls that Tsukasa's company was small but it had great success overseas. He saw Morita's plane flew gracefully in the air as his plane failed. In the end, Morita's plane won overall as Kaoru and Tatsou look at Tsukasa's praise of Morita. Kaoru has Tsukasa rescue Morita from a hole which he takes him to a hospital while sending Kaoru back to the company to call off the search. Kaoru was injured himself while running to get his father which Tsukusa completely ignore but Tatsou didn't as he comforted him. Tatsou was Tsukasa's childhood and best friend and business partner. He tells Kaoru that Morita is similar to Tsukusa as he was carefree which he would eat some absent's kid lunch or makes fights much worse. Tsukasa was loved by everyone and didn't fear anything. He always smile even when he was the final batter of a losing game which he managed to turn around. Tatsuo always thought that even though Tsukasa could do all these things, he could do one thing that nobody else could do. He wanted to think that but realizes that he can't do that all of the time. At this time, Kaoru didn't realized that Tatsuo was slowly dying from a terminal disease. He was taking care of his mother who thought that Tatsuo was her husband and ask about a girl named Ricchan who became Tsukasa's wife. A doctor tells him that he should be admitted into a hospital for the rest of his days but he needs to work to the end. He wonders why the world is split between the gifted and the not gifted, the people who are loved and those who aren't, and ask himself if there was a split in the first place.

Tsukasa was building a new invention when Tatsuo was asking about company matters which he told him to take care of it. He wants to know if Tsukasa is human like him or if not, show him how he's different from him. So he decided to betray him by giving the company to Floyd Electric which the next day, the takeover began. The owner tells Tsukasa that he's going to be their most important technician and promise that his employees will be paid double and could do more. Tsukasa decides to quit the company as he doesn't like to work under others and wants to punch him for it. Tatsuo suddenly collaspes from lack of sleep as he sees Tsukasa fall from earth. Tatsuo tells Tsukasa the truth about his disease and finds out that his assets will be transferred to the company in the event of his death. Tsukasa tells Morita and Karou not to hold a grudge which Kaoru refused to do so. He tells Kaoru that it's his job to hold the grudge and that they should move forward towards the future. They shut down their house and move away. In the city, Kaoru and Morita see a walkman that Tsukasa made but has the Floyd Electric logo which Kaoru tries to destroy it and end up being chased. Karou couldn't keep up with Morita and realizes how Tatsuo felt towards Tsukasa as he felt the same way towards Morita. Kaoru falls to the ground which Morita came back for him and protected him from the dark emotions. Morita wakes up which Kaoru tells him that he can go back to the college now as he's not needed anymore. He decides to stay with Kaoru to go to Floyd Electric to take back Tsukasa's company. A heavy wind descends on the Hambai Festival the group doesn't realized that one of their own is unconciousness laying next to shards of bloody broken glass.

This episode reveals the backstory of why Kaoru and Morita are trying to get back their father's company. The relationship between Tsukasa and Tatsuo is similar to the one that Kaoru and Morita have with each other. Tsukasa depended on Tatsuo while Morita looked up to Kaoru. Tatsuo didn't want to betray Tsukasa as he was dying and needed a way to secure his mother's future even though she was suffering mentally. The seperation theme was hinted again at the end of the episode but instead of it being light-hearted with everyone leaving to their own paths, it takes a dark turn for the worse. I was shocked at the ending of this episode that I won't even mention the person who was on the floor near the bloody shards. The next episode continues with Kaoru and Morita's attempt to retake their father's company along with the aftermath of the horrible event.


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