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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Honey and Clover II 8

The episode with Hagu remembering that she saw God as a child and realized the reason why she drew. She promise herself that when she can't draw anymore that she would return to God. Takemoto mentions that he didn't knew anything at all or notice what was about to happen to Hagu as she looked at Takemoto's piece which he managed to get finished in time. She says that it looks simple from afar but up close, it's intricate. He's happy that Hagu praised him and tells her about his dream to be a restoration worker which he travels around the country fixing temples and shrines. It requires to figure out how the pieces were built since blueprints aren't around during that time. Hagu mentions that once graduation comes around, they aren't going to easily meet each other so causally. Takemoto asks her if she's going to Naguro after graduation and why she hasn't mention it to Shuuji. She says that she's afraid to tell him and doesn't want him to give up his life for her. Yamada talks to Shuuji and wonders if he's feeling down but he says that the festivalities are coming to an end. Hagu is thinking about what Takemoto said to him outside when a glass window shatters on a wall. The shards were directly above Hagu and all fell on her. Meanwhile in Spain, Mayama is dealing with Carlos while Rika is feeling much better since he's been keeping Carlos busy with their drinking binges. Each night, Mayama hasn't been near Rika since he can't get into her bedroom since they have seperate bedrooms. Shuuji and Yamada heard some people about an accident when Shuuji gets the call about Hagu's accident. Takemoto was outside when he hears about it and rushes to the scene to confirm it. He knew that Hagu was hurt when a bloody Yamada grabs him and tells him that Shuuji is with her at the moment and that he will call him with information on her injuries. Takemoto and Yamada helped pick up the glass shards and clean up the blood.

The president of Floyd Electric is talking to one of his workers about the current status of the company and suggests cutting the workforce when Kaoru and Morita shows up. He gives the president a package that contained a worker outfit. Kaoru says that today is the day that he returns to square one. He mentions that the president's father was a great technician but the president himself forgot how to build things and want to make profit. Kaoru says that they are the new board of directions and taking back his father's company. The president can't believe as Lucus Digital Arts own 35% of the stocks which they managed to take over but doesn't understand why they are doing this. The worker shows the picture of the Morita family and still doesn't get it. He tells him to find a new home, lose a bunch of money through lawsuits, and leave his son and grandchildren to him. Kaoru is very happy about the whole thing while Morita regrets that he couldn't keep his promise to his father. Takemoto mentions that many people gather around Hagu's painting and wasn't until the evening where he heard from Shuuji. Hagu's injuries are 10 stiches on her head and 13 on her right arm. Doctors were required to operate on her right hand for six hours. Takemoto and Yamada visited Hagu in the hospital which she bought some change of clothes and towels. Hagu said that her head hurts but her hand doesn't when Shuuji comes in. He tells them to go home and sleep which Takemoto didn't want to go but Yamada tells him to go. After they left, Hagu wants Shuuji to tell her the truth as she's not afraid of the truth. He says that the injury on her hand runs through the base of her fingers and across the palm. The surgey was supposed to reconnect the tendons, blood vessels, and nerves which the stitches come out in 10 days. The problem is that the nerves at the base of the fingers could be fuse together and cause secondary problems. It would require her to be in the hospital for over two months and partake in intensive rehabilitation. Takemoto and Yamada were outside when he told Hagu the sad news.

This episode was rather sad as Hagu didn't died from the accident but it leads to a situation where she could kill herself as she could have a life where she can't draw anymore. It seems that the curse of the genius artists has strucked on Hagu. It's very unlikely that she could fully recover the use of her right hand which brings a tough time for Hagu and the others. I still think that Takemoto is the only one who could save her but it's going to be a hard road. Meanwhile, Morita saw how Kaoru couldn't move forward as he destroyed a life for something that he had forgotten over 10 years ago. He blamed himself for being unable to keep his father's promise to move forward and not bear a grudge. Mayama is helping Rika out by keeping Carlos busy but unable to spend much time with her. The next episode will begin Hagu's rehabilitation and how everyone is handling the accident.


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