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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Honey and Clover II 9

Karou has left the city soon after he finished the takeover as Morita wonders if he did the right thing by staying with his brother instead of moving forward. He thinks back when he talks to Karou as he says that Morita stayed with him because he had to. Karou says that he couldn't see the light and doesn't have anything as he wonders what it would have been like to be Morita. Morita talks to Shiroyama which he says that exacting revenge isn't suited for someone with imagination which Kaoru is too kind to do it. Shiroyama says that Kaoru was very smart which Morita being by him prevented hurting himself. Shuuji asks Takemoto and Yamada to stay away as he tells them that Hagu is forcing herself to feel her right hand or otherwise she needs surgery. At that moment, Hagu calls out for Shuuji and tells him that she can feel her hand and goes into unconciousness since she refused to sleep along with painkillers. Yamada and Takemoto walked by home thinking about Hagu's inner strength to regain the use of her hand along with the possibility that she may not ever recovered. Yamada was looking at phones when Nomiya shows up. She tells him that she wants to help out as much as possible but thinks that she can't really do anything for Hagu. Nomiya tells Yamada that she shouldn't think that as she will drift away from Hagu by thinking that which she really needs the support of others in overcoming the challenge ahead of her. Yamada decides to listen to Nomiya's words while Miwako and Yamazaki were watching and praised him for the advice. While on the roof, Miwako manages to overload Yamazaki by saying that they are going to be friends forever. Yamada is making a sweater and thinking that she and Hagu are in different worlds which she will drift apart someday. The next day, Yamada gives Hagu the sweater she made which she notices that Yamada had a feather on her from cutting her father's jacket. Then she notices some more feathers which she looks like an angel to her.

Shuuji talks to the doctor head of Hagu's rehab which they had her touch some surfaces on various degrees of roughness. The doctor mentions that he should give Hagu a massage on her upper body. Takemoto was looking at some flowers when Yamada shows up but he can't really pay for them. She takes him to a place where they can pick out some flowers which they give to Hagu. She cries after receiving them which Takemoto and Yamada discovered from Shuuji that she can't feel anything on her fingertips. Shuuji says that they can't give up but they need to focus on their lives as well. Takemoto asks Shuuji about a guy who showed up last night which it was Hagu's father which he didn't really see her and left with a woman (I'm guessing stepmother.) Takemoto realizes that the place Hagu wanted to return isn't the same anymore and thinks that she can't take much more. He notices that she has been biting herself and eventually started to bite Shuuji as well. He receives a fax from Shin saying that they are working in Morioka and wants him to join them by mid-April. Takemoto is having doubts about whenever to accept the job and leave Hagu or stay in Tokyo and support her as getting money to support himself would be hard. If he spends all that time making money, he wouldn't have time for Hagu. If she gets better, what would he do then? He can't be a burden to her and give up his career for her. Takemoto finally understands the words that Mayama told him about saving up money in order for the love of his life to relax which he can't do for Hagu. He doesn't want to be apart from her as everyone is nearly alone.

Hagu begins her rehab to regain full use of her right hand which it will be a long road ahead for her but with the support of Shuuji, Yamada, and Takemoto she won't be alone at all. Yamada was wavering a bit as she thought she couldn't do anything for Hagu as they were from different worlds but Nomiya managed to get her back on the right path. Takemoto is facing a very difficult decision which he must decide between his career or Hagu. He wants to stay with Hagu but he cannot easily support himself while helping her at the same time. He needs money but at the same time, he doesn't want to leave Hagu. Only Takemoto could make this decision and no one can make it for him. There was one scene that was extremely confusing which was the part where Takemoto mentions to Shuuji about Hagu's father. We never actually see him there the first time around before Takemoto brings it up. I felt that there was an important part missing from that. The next episode continues with Hagu's rehab and Takemoto's decision between a career and Hagu.


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    Other than that, your summaries are great. Keep it up.


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    Jiyu could you suggested with tact. For such an intellectual like yourself, I find it so amazing you do not realize you're alienating the individual. Not to mention, your grammar isn't any better. I seriously cannot understand. You discourage the people who you obtain the information.

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