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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Jigoku Shoujo 22

Tsugumi sees a vision of Emma seeing Sentarou in some scenery while shopping. Hajime is doing some services before returning back home. He sees Tsugumi looking at the window with a couple of butterfly pins on her. He wonders about breakfast when she says that he should be go this year which he doesn't give her an answer. She decides to go by herself to the Owaga house which her mother's parents lived. Hajime notices a book that Tsugumi brought a book on scenery. Meanwhile in Hell, Emma pokes holes in the door when she receive a request for revenge. Tsugumi looks at pictures for her mother at various stages of her life while Ayumi's parents praised her for making great chestnut rice. The owner of the restrauant asked Hajime if today is the anniversary of Ayumi's death which he said that he broke up with her long ago and asked how he knows about it. He knows about it since Tsugumi asked him how to make chestnut rice yesterday. Hajime explains the story on how he and Ayumi weren't meant to be. It started back when Hajime worked for a newspaper which he yell at a couple of people who backed down because the interview was rejected. He asked out Ayumi to go out with him even though she was the complete opposite of him. His friends were surprised that Hajime got married first and at the wedding, one of his coworkers got a phone call saying that Minister Takenoshita got the Tokyo Case news. Hajime left the wedding to pursue the issue. Emma watched Hayashi Noriko and some guy entering the Number 7 Central Hotel which Tsugumi received the vision while being with Ayumi's parents. While at a cafe, Tsugumi tries to decide if she should call Hajime about the vision which she does a moment later. Before picking up the phone, the owner says that Hajime should apologize to her which she tells Hajime the girl's name and location. Noriko tells the guy named Kenji that she got tired of the mansion she used to live in as she hated the view. Kenji says that he will get her a new one. Hajime tries to get the hotel via a taxi while Emma is on the roof of the hotel.

Hajime is stuck in traffic which the taxi driver figured out he was a member of the media. He mentions the media doesn't have the time to go home. Hajime continues to remember how he kept leaving Ayumi to cover some news story regardless of what time of the day it is. Even after Tsugumi was born, Hajime didn't have the time to be with Ayumi and Tsugumi. Hajime arrived at the hotel while remembering that he spied on a politician who was adulterying years ago. He sees Ayumi with the politician and punches him repeatly. Back in the present, Hajime finds the guy who requested revenge but was too late to stop it. He asks the guy why he commited the revenge which he says that he loved Noriko but she treated all men as sources of money. Hajime remembers how he thought the same thing that guy was right down on how he shouldn't have met her in the first place if he was going to feel that way. Meanwhile, Noriko was experiencing the revenge as every guy was turning into bills and coins. Hajime tells the guy that Ayumi tried to work it out but he refused to trust a turncoat like her. So she left in her car but got into an accident that costed her life. Noriko was being chased by money when Hone directs her into a safe. Hone burns the money which Noriko had no chance of escaping and was sent to Hell. Hajime lectures the guy about the burden of revenge while Emma watches him. Tsugumi and Ayumi's parents visited Ayumi's grave to see that Hajime left some things at the grave.

This episode explains Hajime's backstory as he regrets for being the cause of Ayumi's death as he made her leave the household and wouldn't consider getting back to together. So when Ayumi died, he devote more time towards Tsugumi which he didn't spend time with Ayumi and Tsugumi when he was working all the time. He wished that something bad happened to Ayumi but never for her death. Ayumi's death is basically the reason why he hates revenge which Tsugumi doesn't understand at all. The next episode looks like that Tsugumi is going to change her view on Jigoku Shoujo as a nice nurse is being targeted for revenge.


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