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Monday, August 14, 2006

Jigoku Shoujo 23

Tsugumi is having a vision of being nearby at an airport then seeing a nurse talking to a patient before going back to the airport with a faceless man. Hajime asks her if this was the correct hospital which she said it was. They once again argued about Jigoku Shoujo as she says that he shouldn't be interfering with people who have to rely on her to help them with their problems. After climbing some stairs, they find the nurse named Sakuragi Kanako who is the target of Jigoku Shoujo. Hajime talks to an informant along with some other people about her as she graduated from nursing school, had no problems with her parents or anyone else, and doesn't have a boyfriend. Then he wonders if she has a problem at the hospital which he decides to admit himself as a patient to get some information. He talks to a couple of the patients which they think that she's great and nobody hit on her. Then he talks to a couple of nurses which half the guys want to know her and that she has no problems with her coworkers. Hajime still can't find nothing as Tsugumi thinks that she has some dark secret. Kanako shows up which Tsugumi was being less than humble at her presence as Hajime offered some food to her which she refused because of policy. Hone and Ren were disguised as a nurse and doctor which they spied on their conversation. They mentioned that Hajime has no clue and felt bad for Emma. Back in Hell, Emma wonders if she's doing the right thing or not. Later that night, Hajime and Tsugumi overhears a conversation between a man named Higuchi, the head nurse, and Kanako. Higuchi blames Kanako for his wife's death while the head nurse says that nothing could be done to save her. He tried to sue the hospital for it but nobody would take the case.

Hajime speaks to Higuchi about his wife's death while Tsugumi ponders about Kanako when she receives another vision from Emma. She sees the airport again along with an evil smile from the previously faceless guy. Then she has a nightmare about Kanako sinking from the roof while she tries to save her but couldn't as the real Kanako tries to break the trance. Hajime mentions that he has investigated Higuchi's wife's death and found nothing of wrongdoing. Higuchi tries to make Hajime to leave but he mentions how he felt when his wife died and placing blame on others is pointless. He asks him if he accessed Hell Correspondance which he doesn't know how to use the internet. Tsugumi wakes in a hospital bed with Kanako watching over her and gives her an apple as thanks. Tsugumi asks her about Higuchi which she thinks that he's a lonely person and doesn't mind being blamed for his wife's death. After Kanako leaves the room, Tsugumi immediately exits the room and realizes that Kanako was sent to Hell. She finds herself being ferried to Hell by Emma and asks why while Hajime and Tsugumi find the real person who wanted to send Kanako to Hell. Emma reveals the person who sent her to Hell which she doesn't know him at all. The Helpers are watching Emma ferried her which they mention that they have done this before but Emma's heart is wavering. Hajime caught the person who sent Kanako to Hell but died soon afterwards before they could find out why. He asks Tsugumi about her views on Jigoku Shoujo which she doesn't know now and runs away. Tsugumi has a vision of a forest and a couple of kids playing which she sees Emma there. Emma asks her if she knows Sentarou.

This episode shows how revenge can target even the nicest people in the world like Kanako. Tsugumi doesn't know what to think about Emma now as she thought that she sent bad people to Hell but now she sent a good person down there. As for the guy, I'm guessing that he was some weird stalker who couldn't get Kanako to notice her and felt that she deserved to die for what she invertertly did to him. The next episode will involve the connection between Tsugumi and Emma that goes back 400 years.


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