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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Jigoku Shoujo 24

Emma is singing a song while stacking rocks on a nearby river bed. At school, a couple of Tsugumi's friends are showing her a broken keychain which they want to send the boy to Hell for it which made her rather uneasy. She immediately runs outside and almost gets by a truck which she got only minor injuries. She asks Hajime if he would hate the driver if she would died and doesn't understand anymore about Jigoku Shoujo. He promises that he won't mention Jigoku Shoujo anymore. Back at home, Tsugumi stares at her mother's pin wondering if it's ok to end it like this when Hajime tells her that they are going to Hawaii for an assignment. He was about to call the travel agency when she receives a vision from Emma and collaspes. He begs for Emma to stop possessing her daughter as he won't chase her anymore. Tsugumi realizes that she has to meet with Emma in order to get the answer to her question. Meanwhile in Hell, Emma's grandmother was wondering the condition of Emma which she says that she's fine. Hajime and Tsugumi decided to go to the place that Tsugumi has saw before when he stops the car as he saw Emma in his rear-view window. A moment later, she wasn't there in the mirror and stop at a small inn to get information. Tsugumi was in the hot spring when Emma appeared behind her and asking her if the scenery was familiar. Hajime entered the spring a moment later which he knew that she was scared and try to figure out Emma's message.

The next morning, Hajime asks the owner about a sakura tree which was 20 minutes away but doesn't know how to get there. She mentions a temple which a monk there would know the way. Hajime and Tsugumi arrived at the Temple of the Seven Child which Emma was there as well. They meet with the monk which he mentions that his name was coincidental while Emma eats a berry from a nearby plant. The monk mentions an old tale which involves the Seven Sendings. It's a thing where the locals give a seven year old girl to the mountains every seven years to request immunity from ailments and a good harvest. The monk explains that seven is the yang in yin-yang which brings good fortune and considered to be a lucky number. Emma remembers that she was sacrificed as Sentarou watched her. The temple was built to calm the wandering spirits of those children which the builders were owners of black candy stores. The custom started 400 years ago during the Azuchi Momoyama era which the black candy is an offering. Hajime asks the monk the name of the store which was Shibataya along with the name of the owner which was Sentarou. Back in Hell, the helpers have no clue where Emma is which a spider finds out the location of Emma which makes them very concern. Hajime and Tsugumi are at the waterfall when the wintery scene changed into spring and see Sentarou and Emma while they were younger. Emma makes an appearance and says that the blood didn't disappeared. Tsugumi receives a vision which Emma was buried alive by Sentarou and the pile of rocks was her gravestone. Emma thinks that Tsugumi is trying to kill her again and tries to murder her. The Helpers showed up and tried to stop Emma from killing Tsugumi out of hate since she would sent to Hell. They were unsuccessful in stopping Emma from killing both Tsugumi and Hajime as they were knocked into the river. Emma doesn't care about her soul now as she wants to ferry them to Hell.

It's rather interesting that Emma was a sacfrice 400 years ago which Sentarou buried her alive. He obviously regretted doing it and created the temple to please her soul but she has so much hate. She would give up her soul to kill Tsugumi and Hajime. I think that Tsugumi is the reincartination of Sentarou which explains why she has been receiving the visions. The next episode goes into more of Emma's past.


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