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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Jigoku Shoujo 25

Hajime and Tsugumi are in the water as they see a light. Then the episode goes into the past with Sentarou waking up and telling his father to sell the sandles that he has been making instead of giving them away. He wants to help out his father but he tells him to play with Emma. She shows up a moment later crying as she was picked on by Koukichi. Sentarou decides to confront Koukichi and tries to fight him but his friends hold him back. Koukichi says that Emma is a monster as bizarre things happened around her like a dead butterfly coming back to life after holding it. The villagers say that Emma will cause a great catastrophe one day if she stays which Koukichi told her to leave. Sentarou breaks free and tries to fight him but ends up get beaten instead by the numbers game. At the river bed, Emma explains that the butterfly wasn't dead and apologizes for what happened. The story advances to winter when the village decides sacrifice Emma to the Mountain God which they tried to make it an honor but it's really to get rid of her bad luck. Sentarou tries to get them not sacrifice her but he has to try to find a replacement which was not possible. Emma undergoes the ceremony which her parents have a plan to protect Emma from the villagers. Some time later, the village is experiencing hardships as Sentarou makes runs to the mountain where Emma is hiding. Meanwhile, Emma is on the boat where she has sent many people to Hell.

The village's crops have failed along with lives of the villagers in danger when winter comes around. Later that night, Sentarou and Emma sing a song which they are happy. The happiness ends as the villagers discovered the two which they captured Ai as Sentarou is unable to do anything as he was pinned to the ground. The Helpers wanted to save Emma so many times as they were grateful to her for being not sent to Hell. Sentarou wanted to save Emma but his father would not allow him to stop the ceremony of forgiveness. The villagers kill both of her parents along with Emma and forced Sentarou to bury them but she was still alive. They continued to bury her as she felt betrayed by Sentarou and the villagers as he ran away. Sentarou returns to the village which he sees Emma burning it down as she sings that song. Sentarou runs away from the burning village which the story ends there. Hajime and Tsugumi saw the whole story as she doesn't understand Sentarou while Hajime does.

Emma was a cursed girl who only brought destruction to the village which Sentarou wanted to save her but could not as the villagers pressured him into their way of thinking. She was like Hell Boy who couldn't really died at all. The question now is how Emma became Jigoku Shoujo in the first place. The final episode has Tsugumi making a difficult choice.


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