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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Noein Review

Noein is the series that is all about the parallel universes (timespaces as the series calls them.) The series puts a lot of real life science and theories about quantum mechanics into this to make it some what believable that all of this could occur one day. Even with all of that background science, it has a pretty good story. The main character of the series is an elementary girl named Haruka who has the Dragon Torque which has the ability to destroy timespaces. A couple of timescapes wanted the Dragon Torque for their own purpose as La'cryma needs it to stop the invasion of Shangri-La which wants to destroy all timespaces with the Torque. La'cryma sends out Dragon Knights to get the Dragon Torque which one of them named Karasu begins to have feelings for Haruka as he's the future version of Yuu (or I should one of the possible Yuus) who is Haruka's best friend. They discovered that their ulimate enemy, Noein, is actually another Yuu who couldn't get over the pain of losing Haruka in a car crash. So the final episode deals with everyone who wants to stop the timespaces converging all into Shangri-La as they need to do a joint effort in the main timespace, La'cryma, and Shangri-La.

The series had some great characters as they learned many lessons throughout the series. It really centers around friendship as you need people to confirm your existance or you will be alone without nobody really know that you're really there. The series really takes that point literally but it still makes a great lesson. Also you shouldn't give up on the future regardless how bad it can become as it can be better in a heartbeat. The series had one of the best episodes that I ever seen which if I made a list of the top single episodes ever, it would be up there. Episode 22 is that episode where Miho, Ai, and Isumi experience a future where they were high school students but things didn't go right for them. Miho became a shut-in after being bullied at school, Ai ends up losing one of her legs after a freak accident, and Isumi losing one of his eyes from getting into one too many fights. They all at the verge of being push into the blink of death when Yuu and Atori managed to reunite the three and helped them to show that with friendship, they can overcome anything and build a better future. All the characters have managed to grown throughout the series with Atori being all-revenge to someone who fights for others, Yuu went from weakling to being a person who can overcome hardships, and other characters who came out better.

Also, I should mention something that I found on ANN. It seems that there are two versions of episode 24. There's the regular version that most channels broadcast and the one that Saitama TV broadcast. It has some changes to it which the most important change dealt with Noein's message that was shown after he blown everything up. The original message was "Who am I?" but the Saitama version of the message was changed to "Who is the observer?" It brings a new meaning as Noein was the observer himself and was the one who made his own future not others.

The character designs wasn't the prettiest ones you ever seen but the good story makes them easier to deal with. It had some good music throughout the series. Noein is a good sci-fi story with strong characters and a good ending to boot. I give Noein a 4.5 out of 5.


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