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Friday, August 04, 2006

Tide Line Blue Review

Tide Line Blue is about a kid named Keel who gets involved in a power stuggle between the New United Nations (run by his mother-in-law, Aoi) and a rebel group run by Gould (which his twin brother Tean is part of the group) in a post-Hammer of Eden world where the sea covers more of the land. As some of the other bloggers completely fell in love with the series but I don't have the same type of love for it. I felt that Keel didn't have that main character mentality about him as he didn't have a great impact on the world. He was just there to be an annoyance to the others. Tean was more of the main character than Keel ever was. It was dull at times and couldn't get into the series as some other people did. Even though it has good animation and music, Tide Line Blue is just average as it didn't tied up all the loose ends along with the flaws of the main character. I give Tide Line Blue a 3 out of 5.


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