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Monday, August 07, 2006

Tsubasa Chronicle S2 1

Syaoran is somewhere with a bunch of bubbles floating around when he confronts a clone of himself with a eyepatch over his left eye. Mokona wakes up Syaoran from his nightmare which he was happy that he did as he overlooks a futurstic world. He and Mokona greets the others who were messing their vehicles when they get a call from Yuuko. She notices how Sakura is doing much better along with Syaoran getting stronger. Sakura asks Yuuko about the compensation which refuses to answer the question it's better not to know (or more like that she won't be able to remember.) She says that since she was with everyone that she can handle the journey. The reason for Yuuko was calling was about White Day which they must give some chocolates back if received any on Valentine's Day. She ask where they are at now which Fai say that they are on Piffle World and going to do a race in order to get Sakura's feather. Sakura asks Syaoran if she fly it for a little bit which he allows her to do but that was a bad idea as she slammed on the acclerator and crashes into Fai and Kurogane. They were heading back to their quarters by car which Syaoran and the others were trying to convince Sakura not to race but she refuses their request to do. Kurogane remembers that his Tomoyo wouldn't listen to him like Sakura just did. They almost crashed into another car that contain a huge amount of female bodyguards that protect this world's Tomoyo. She gets out the car and goes to Sakura and says that she's her heroine. Tomoyo introduces herself as the president of the Piffle Princess Company which is the organizer of the race. She's going to record the entire race which she needs a heroine for it which the guys were all in confused. Sakura manages to take off on a Dragonfly but soon falls back down to earth. Syaoran teaches Sakura how to fly a Dragonfly a lot better while Fai and Kurogane observe. Fai mentions that Kurogane likes Tomoyo and brings up the point about how she looks the same but isn't while Kurogane asks Fai if he met the reason for running. Fai says that he can tell apart between someone with the similar face as the person he's running away from and the real deal. Meanwhile, Fei Wong asks Xing Huo about he needs to find out about the outcome of the miracle. She asks herself if Syaoran and the others can know if they can tell apart someone with the same face but never met before or someone with the same face but have met before and decides to test this theory by sending one of her soldiers.

It's the day of the race where the initial number of racers is reduced to 12. Also most of the racers are people that the group have encountered from before. The race has started and Sakura has problems with her craft which Syaoran helps her regain control by cutting off her engine. Fai and Kurogane are in the lead which he yells at Fai for giving him the name of Kuro-tan. Kurogane takes first place which Fai takes second place and moments later, their engines blew out along with every racer in the field. Syaoran figures out that the engine blowout occured after the Kurogane crossed the finish line. Sakura's machine is more stable since she cut out her enigne a lot more than the others. He tells her to go on ahead which she does and becomes the second to last person to qualify. Syaoran gets trapped by a couple of racers who are helping their boss to qualify. He manages to get passed them which the boss try to catch up but ends up blowing out his engine in the process. Syaoran crosses the finish line and crashes to the ground and comes out of the fiery wreck just fine. He realizes that the person who sabotaged the race by putting something into the engines of every racer is one of the other racers who managed to qualify.

Tsubasa season two begins with a race for one of Sakura's feathers in the world of Piffle. The idea about being able to tell if a person they know before is really the same person or a different one is going to be one of the main issues during this series. Tomoyo of Piffle really acts like her counterpact in CCS as she was in love with Sakura, had bunch of female bodyguards, loves to film, and owns a huge company. I really do think that if Sakura knows about the compensation that Syaoran made with Yuuko that she will forget about it since it does relate to Syaoran. The next episode continues with the race as the group tries to figure the culprit along with trying to win the feather.


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    gosh.. you only at episode 27?? it's alrady episode 40!


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