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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Yakitate Japan 63

Team Pantasia were talking about recent events as the Manager are being followed by Kanmuri's father gang but Kanmuri is concerned about one thing. Since the last match was a draw, the next match will have two panels on the line due to the draw. If St. Pierre wins panel seven, they can also capture panel eight. Kirisaki will bring someone tough for this battle which Azuma isn't really down as Kanmuri and Kawachi are. At the Yakitate 9 set, Team Pantasia is surprised at their next opponent who is Miki Norihei, one of Japan's heroes which they were worried about copywrites. Kanmuri hopes that the speciality product isn't seaweed but that hope was destroyed as panel seven reveals to be Uppurui which has the highest quality of seaweed. Kuro-yan explains that Matsudaira Fumai wore an overcoat made of seaweed to Tokyo to bring the seaweed to the capitial. The panel is also a Yakitate Chance which allows the winner to pick one more panel. If Norihei wins, he would pick panel one and get five panels at one battle. Norihei greets Azuma as he wanted to battle him and gives him a piece of bread that had seaweed jam on it. Azuma says that Norihei is a tough opponent but the others don't believe him since he didn't have a reaction. He sees otherwise as the word It's is added to the title screen along with newspaper listings and graphic novels to Yakitate Japan. Team Pantasia are afraid of the true strength of Norihei.

They arrived at Uppurui which they were depressed by the odds except for Azuma as they could beat him breadwise. They find some Uppurui seaweed which can cost 20,000 yen for 100 grams of the stuff and need to make it tender since it's rather hard. Azuma says that they could use Pepmi-Cola to make the seaweed tender as it's used in high-class restrauants. Kawachi thinks that it won't taste good but Azuma manages to get the supplies to make the soft seaweed. He has Kawachi to taste some of the seaweed which he didn't wanted to at first but he does. Kanmuri spotted a girl drowning in the river but the fisherman tells him that the currents are rather strong in that area. Kawachi was covered in metal as he went into the river. He punched a couple of sharks and saves the girl as Pepmiman. Kawachi couldn't say anything but shuwaa as the girl thank him for saving her. They go to the Kuro Lodge which is covered in pitch black which Kawachi complained while Kanmuri wants him to be Pepmiman for life. Azuma has an idea for the bread which to make the dough fluffy as freshly make rice but Kawachi thinks that it's impossible. Azuma asks Kanmuri to make spring rolls which Kawachi doesn't understand why he asked him that question. At the day of the match, Kawachi wonders why everyone is more into it as usual which Tsukino says that Norihei was giving out seaweed for free. When Norihei made his appearance, the crowd just ate up his appearance. The match is beginning as Kawachi watches Azuma trying to beat Norihei who has everything to his advantage.

This episode reveals some aspect of panel stealing that the Yakitate 25 had in this match where five panels could be stolen by St. Pierre. It also reveals that the show doesn't take it self seriously as the reaction with the seaweed bread had It's Yakitate Japan in the title screen which it was actually in the title screen of the episode. It seems that Norihei is Team Pantasia's greatest challenge yet but they overcome it. The next episode will be the actual match.


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