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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Fate/Stay Night Review

Fate/Stay Night is about a high school student named Emiya Shirou who gets caught into a magical war for the Holy Grail which he's the weakest Master. In order to have a chance in victory, he managed to summon a Servant under the name of Saber who was a heroic legend back in the day. Another Master and fellow classmate named Rin Tohsaka allied herself with Shirou to help him understand the rules of the war which occured every 10 years. In the final episode, Shirou faces off against a former Master in the previous war while Saber faces off against his Servant in order to save the life of Iliya who being used as a sacfrice to summon the Holy Grail.

Now when the series was being comfirmed as an anime, everyone was like, "This is going to be awesome." I was like, "Ok... I don't understand why everyone is going insane because of this series but ok, whatever." I think I tend to have a different hype sense with anime compared to most people. Most people were hyped about this series while I just thought "It's just another series." I think that Fate is an ok series but not this very great series that people put it to be. There was good character development overall and a sense of growth between them. I like the Hero concept with the Servants along with some good fight scenes. The thing that I didn't really like is like how they pull all these twists out of nowhere. It's like they couldn't do the story the normal way and decided to add odds against them like every episode towards the end. The music and animation was great.

Overall, Fate/Stay Night is a decent series to watch but it's up to you if you want to believe the hype of the series or not. The series was made for the fanboys of the Type Moon game and benefit them more than the normal anime fan. I'll give Fate/Stay Night a 3 out of 5.


  • At 7:11 AM, Anonymous Danny said…

    The series was pretty good, though I didn't like the ending very much. Even though it's a bit generic, something like a reincarnation of saber would've been cool.

  • At 11:25 AM, Anonymous tragicsmile said…

    The hype was because it's based off a good and incredibly popular TYPE-MOON ren'ai game. Unfortunately, like the anime adaptation of TYPE-MOON's other game Tsukihime, Fate/Stay Night fails to deliver or even dive into the depth offered by the original game. It turned into a horrible amalgation of three distinct and different storylines.

    Also, dominatrix Sakura wtf?? Dark Sakura was supposed to be this evil killing machine!

  • At 11:50 AM, Anonymous Kabitzin said…

    FSN was ok, and it's almost never fair to compare a series to its hype. Still, I think a series like this suffers because there is no easy way to weave so many different possible storylines into one coherent anime series. Plus a lot of this series was slow as hell, and the ending wasn't quite cool enough to make up for it.

    On the plus side, the sheer amount of spoofs of FSN make it a series worth watching.

  • At 9:12 PM, Blogger Freudian Slip said…

    I think your review was fair. This series certainly is hyped up!

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