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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Jigoku Shoujo 26 and Review

Jigoku Shoujo is about a girl named Emma Ai who takes revenge on behalf of others through a website called Hell Correspondance. She assisted by a team of Helpers to enact a scary illusion of the person's sins before she sends them to Hell. In the final episode of the series, Emma manages to avoid being sent to Hell and tries to get Tsugumi into enacting revenge on Hajime for not forgiving Ayumi for what she did to him. The end of the episode is open-ended which the next season will continue off. I personally think now that Emma is somewhat of a rogue agent of revenge now which she will immediately appeared when people could enact revenge on someone regardless if they requested it or not.

The series started off with self-contained stories of people requesting revenge and end up getting a better deal from it even though their souls will go to Hell in the end. Then the series started to have a consistant human characters with Tsugumi and Hajime which she has a link to Emma that allows her to see who's the next victim of revenge. Hajime tries to stop Emma multiple times from commiting revenge but usually falls short. Eventually he and Tsugumi will disagreed on the idea of revenge as she thinks it's a good thing until she sees a good person being sent to Hell for no reason at all while Hajime regrets thinking that he wanted his wife dead after she cheated on him. These two characters created an outside force trying to interfere with Jigoku Shoujo along with being to see what happens when a revenge occurs on the outside world. Through the course of the series, small parts of Emma's character was revealed until the final few episodes where her backstory was completely revealed. I wish that more things behind the system was revealed along with some character development of the Helpers (maybe in season two.)

The animation and music was really good. Overall, Jigoku Shoujo is a great show that gives an interesting aspect on the topic of revenge but it sometimes gets stale which doesn't happen for long periods of time. Another thing I wished to see in Season Two is something that involves Heaven and tries to stop Jigoku Shoujo from commiting revenge all the time. I'll give Jigoku Shoujo a 4.5 out of 5.


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