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Monday, September 04, 2006

School Rumble S2 7

Tenma and the others decided to have a picnic in the forest which Harima and Hanai are hauling their stuff. For Hanai, he had some extra luggage in terms of Imadori who hid in the huge bag as he was just lazy to walk. Tenma opened the bento that Yakumo made which only contained rice as Tenma forgot to the rest of the food in it. So Tenma and Eri decided to make onigiri which Harima immediately objected as he didn't want to eat their onigiri from what happened last time. So he suggested that he would cook since he brought cooking supplies which the girls accepted. Hanai thinks that Harima's cooking would be bad and were about to get into a fight until Arika suggested that they should have a cooking contest which Imadori decided to enter as well in order to get a kiss from Miko. The rules of the contest is that they can cook anything they want but have to gather their own ingredients. Harima heads for the streams for his ingredients which he encounters a huge crab while Hanai gathered some wild plants and mushrooms until he sees a wild boar and attacks it.

Harima and Hanai come back and began to cook the meals while Imadori was taking a nap. Imadori made some curry which it was actually good and said some fancy chef words to make it sound complex but it was actually instant. Arika disqualified Imadori for it and got punched by Miko after showing a pair of D cups made from curry. Harima was the next one to showcase his meal which the judges experienced something of climbing a waterfall because of the Mozuku crab but Osakabe and Sasakura mentions that it was too salty since he did the flavoring in the wrong order. Hanai showed off his meal which everyone experienced being in a jungle with wild boars and felt sad. Then Hanai's sensei mentions that he forgot to remove the scum from the plants while telling Miko to go after Hanai. In the end, neither Hanai or Harima won as Eri's crossdressing maid end up winning.

Harima decides to get a job at an anime studio called Studio Homet. Sara and Asou work at a Chinese restraurant which their manager has to go to his wife since the baby is coming. Asou wanted to close the restraurant even though there was a reservation but before he could, a bunch of people came in and was forced to serve them. Yakumo works at a cosplay cafe which she is wearing a bunny costume. Hanai sees the sign outside and has his own image of Yakumo which was completely different from the actual costume. Even though it wasn't very sexy, she managed to get all the customers to stare at her all day. Nishimoto helps around at his family video store which he got some of his classmates to help out sorting videos. One of them finds a hidden door that contains treasure in it which Nishimoto guides them into the door. At WAS Burger, Ichidou and Lala worked there which Imadori wanted a kids meal. Ichidou couldn't give it to him and made her cry which Lala started to beat him up. Tenma works at a bakery and basically puts bread in a bag. Everytime she gets done with one batch, another batch is finished and gets tired immediately. Then she thinks the bread is Karasuma and collaspes afterwards. Arika works at a bookstore and mentions to Eri that she has another part-time job but it's a secret. Her job is a secret agent. Back at the restraurant, Sara and Asou managed to finish with the customers when the manager comes back saying that it wasn't his wife. Harima gets kicked out of the studio saying that it wasn't for him as Karasuma enters the studio as his manga is being made into an anime. The guys who helped out Nishimoto earlier are walking home from seeing the Sumo-Swimsuit series. Yakumo meets up with Tenma who decided to quit her job from the bakery while Imadori got his toy from the meal but beat up because of it. Harima, Tenma, Yakumo, and Eri sees Arika riding on a motorcycle with a girl being chased by a car which she manages to blow up with a grenade.

Well nothing really happened much in this episode as it was a wind-down episode to get away from the Cultural Festival. The cooking contest and the reactions remind me too much of Yakitate Japan. It was interesting to see some of the part time jobs that some of the students do (especially Arika's secret agent job.) I wouldn't mind having an entire episode based around that idea. The next episode revolves around Tenma's diet and a girls' basketball team.


  • At 7:37 AM, Anonymous Danny said…

    LOL i almost died when eri's maid appeared! and i'm still not sure - is that a guy or girl?

  • At 6:35 PM, Blogger Quinn (btw I'm a girl...) said…

    OMG I did toooo!!!!! and i think its a guy...... but I think Tenma should go with Karusuma and Harima should go die in a hole somewhere!!!!!!!


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