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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Black Cat Review

Black Cat is about an assassin named Train who decides to foresake the organization called Chronos and become a sweeper which is someone who captures criminals without killing them. Along the way he joins up with another sweeper named Sven who has the ability to foresee into the future with his eye, a girl made up of nanomachines named Eve, and a thief named Rinslet. Their overall goal is to stop another former Chronos assassin named Creed who wants to take over the world with another organization that uses Tao magic.

The characters seemed to shift between serious and comicial which I didn't mind it too much as the comedy aspect wasn't overbearing. As for Train's sudden change of personality, I did not like how that happen. I think the writers were too lazy to come up with a gradual change and decided to move the story timeframe by six months. I liked assassin Train compared to sweeper Train. Sven and Eve were pretty good characters but Rinslet was the one who got the least amount of character development. Also, it should ended at episode 19 but in order to get a decent episode count they decided to do a four episode arc with Eve which was a bad way to end the series. The reason say that is it should end with Train and Creed which happened in episode 19. I felt the last four episodes were more like one massive teamup with all the characters and such. I like the action sequences along with animation and music.

Overall, Black Cat is a good series to watch but I felt there should be more or just end at episode 19 for a better way to end the series. So I give Black Cat a 3.5 out of 5.


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