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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Honey and Clover II 10

Yamada visits Hagu to give her some food which the doctor tells her that she's with Shuuji. She asks the doctor about Hagu's condition when they hear a boy complaining about his own rehab. The doctor tells her that he got into a car accident last month and that rehab is a battle against pain which even adults have trouble with. Most people would stop rehab once they gained a certain amount of control back but Hagu needs to regain her full movement. The doctor believes that Hagu's fear of not being able to draw is stronger than her fear of pain. Hagu and Shuuji shows up which Yamada gives her the food which emits a very bad odor. Hagu likes it while the doctor became very sick along with the boy and his mother (while Yamada thinks that her cooking is good even though Shuuji said otherwise.) Later that night, she notices a bottle of sake with Morita's name on it and thinks about him. She remembers the promise that he said he would leave a phone behind when he disappears again which he didn't keep. Mayama keeps Carlos out of Rika's room when he receives an email from Yamada. Takemoto inspects some pieces that Yamada had when Morita shows up and asking where Hagu is. Yamada asks where he been and tells him where Hagu is which he takes off in order to avoid the faculty. Takemoto wonder about Morita and how he knew about Hagu which Yamada asked Mayama to find him. He tries to chase after him only to hurt himself while jumping out of the window. He decides to confess his feelings to Hagu regardless how powerless he is.

Hagu and Shuuji were working on their rehab when they heard the cries of the boy again who wants to quit rehab. Shuuji takes Hagu outside who wants her to release her emotions which she says that if she does that, she wouldn't be able to stop. She's afraid that Shuuji would hate her one day for this but he won't do that even after all the things that she did as a child. Hagu admits that she's scared and asks him what living means. She tells him about how she saw God when she was little and wondered how she would live without drawing. She made a promise that if she can't draw anymore, she would return to God. Morita finds Hagu and Shuuji which Shuuji leaves to get a drink and approaches Hagu at that moment. Shuuji finds that Hagu is gone which Takemoto shows up and tells him that Morita found out about Hagu's injury. Morita takes Hagu to his place as Hagu asks him about the places he visited and promises that she would get better. Morita asks her to stop drawing as it's absurd to think that you need to leave something behind in order to have meaning. He believes that living is just enough and being together is enough. Hagu was surprised by Morita's words of kindness as he never really show this side to him before. Shuuji and Takemoto couldn't find Hagu as they realized that she's with Morita. Shuuji tells Takemoto that he's going to take a sabbatical as he can't balance both Hagu and his work. He wants her to choose between Morita and him which she picks Morita that he would travel around the world. Takemoto can't believe that Shuuji would do this and that he won't give up on Hagu.

This episode has Morita returning to the lives of the main cast after his little sideplot with his brother. He show a side of Hagu which he rarely expresses which is his kind side. I didn't expect that Morita could be the one who will save Hagu or that she would have that strong of feelings towards him. Hagu must make a difficult choice soon as she must choose between Morita, Takemoto, and Shuuji. It seems that Shuuji would be happy regardless of the person she chooses while Takemoto has the least to offer to Hagu but wants to see it through to the end. The next episode continues with Hagu's story.